What A Girl Wants

What a girl wants:

  1. Take out Dinner VS. Expensive Restaurants 

Depending on the girl your dating she could either be the type that dies for expensive stuff for a girl like me that would rather pick take out over going out to eat any day. why waste your money on an expensive place when I would rather have a cheeseburger from Burger King than going to a fancy black tie restaurant. HECK! after that cheeseburger from BK we can curl up on the couch and watch netflix all night! what girl doesn’t like having a night full of netflix and junk food?

  2.  Going to Movies VS Renting movies at home

Yes there’s times where your girl would like to go out and do something different but you can’t go wrong with a movie. I know the new Hunger Games movie is coming out and I’m dying to see that but its sold out! but in the mean time why not just sit in your comfy clothes with a BIG bucket of popcorn and watch all the other Hunger Games movies or whatever your choice is

  3. A night of partying VS a night in

Easy as that why go out and get drunk with people you don’t know at bars or house parties when you can stay at home. YES there are moments where you want to go out and have fun by why keep it constant. YES i know people say that you’ve got to live your twenties to the fullest. I’m 25 years old and YES I do have my nights where i want to go out to a bar or a party or whatever the case maybe but if it came down to it I would rather have a relaxing night in than anything ever.


4. Expensive Flowers VS. a Candy bar from the check out line

There are those girls that would DIE for flowers all the time but why? what’s the point in having flowers delivered to your work home school or whatever the case maybe than him picking up something from the store. HELL(sorry for the language) but if I was on the monthly cycle and he brought me home some tampons i would be the happiest camper in the world. YES flowers are very nice sometimes but get them from walmart there the same as the expensive stuff you get on 1800flowers.com Knowing that he cared enough to buy you tampons or even a candy bar from walmart knows that he’s the one for you and he’s not ashamed to buy female products for you. thats what a real man would do for his woman.

5. Showing you off to his friends

well there is no VS. type deal for this because if he can take you out in public and hang out with the guys that means you really are the one for him. he’s not ashamed to call you his girl in front of his friends. Yes ladies he will have his moments where he wants to just have a guys day but if he’s texting you during that it means he really cares about you and that you crossed his mind during hockey or a football game. knowing that he’s at guys day and sends you a text should make any girl smile inside and you. he’s treating you like a princess thats perfect. every woman needs to be treated like a princess. no matter how old or young you are every woman deserves that.

I know i’ve sound like a broken record but in my opinion i would rather off have a relaxing night in with the man of my dreams curled up on the couch with the dog watch netflix than going out to some fancy restaurant or going to the movies (unless it’s a movie I’m dying to see), or a night out at the bar or whatever. I would rather off stay in with my guy than go out any day all that time you spend with him one on one makes the heart grow fonder. YES you should have times where you go out and enjoy yourselves, but not constantly.

Thats all i’ve got for now with What A Girl Wants but keep in tune for more to come. Just remember ladies every girl deserves to get treated like a lady. Keep you head up high and stand your grounds..

Much love always

Megan S.




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