Cell Phones

Alright here’s one EVERY one of you can read and I bet at least have of you are going to agree with me. I’m not calling myself old or anything but with this younger generation you always see them on their CELLPHONES! Everywhere you go you see someone in high school or younger on their cell phones whether it’s on the bus, walking on the side walk or in the stores where they don’t pay attention to where they are walking or just brush you away. It really bothers me when someone is looking down at their phone and bumps into you and don’t even have the nerve to say excuse me or i’m sorry.  My all time favorite one that bugs me the most is at the dinner table when your out with people! your out in public and with either friends or friends and your on your cell phone is that convo more important than being with whoever your with now? NOT going to lie but I have a friend that USED to do it most of the time and we got on her case sometimes it’s like is that convo more important than your friends? But now my friend barely is on her phone and its nice! We can actually have a convo with her. I’ve seen on Facebook and all social media that i have this thing where you put your phones stacked up in the middle of the table on vibrate, and whoever’s phone goes off first has to pay for the bill. YES i do want to try this sometimes because my little brother is CONSTANTLY on his phone! Our grandmother has even gotten on his case about it also. she says that NO one every communicates anymore in person they are always on their phones and she HATES it. I mean PEOPLE have some respect when your out in public with people that asked you to hang out! Is that text more important? Is that Facebook notification or Tweet important also? Is it really that hard to sit back for a few hours and relax with the people that care about you the most? Think about it people is it really worth it?

I want to hear from you guys also about your intake on phones at dinner or where ever you may be…


Much love


Megan S.


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