Life of a Retail Employee

Alright I have to do a little venting today for this blog.

I’m not going to tell you where I work all I will tell you is that I work in the retail business and it has it’s days. It has it’s moments where I LOVE my job and then there are days where I can’t stand it.

Alright here’s the story now. It’s getting close to the holiday season and it really brings out the GRINCH in people and it can have it’s moments. I’ll give you a list of things that I get annoyed at with my job and i’ll also give you the perks of loving my job. Again I won’t give out the location of my job.

Alright the annoying part of my job:

  1. People that take their anger out on you
  2. All the drama that goes on in the work place between employees
  3. Holiday Season- no matter where you work in the retail place everyone can agree with me here that it’s not the cheerful time of the season
  4. The i want to talk to the manager type people
  5. the people that demand something but in a rude way
  6. and the most important one that really gets me is when the person is so rude that they make you cry and don’t even apologize to you they come back to you and make you feel little because they tell you that you have no right to cry
  7. the people that say oh even a monkey can do your job
  8. oh here’s another favorite “did you go to school to be a dumbass”

The Annoying list can go on and on for days months or even years but I bet half of you can agree that you went though some of these in your lifetime if you’ve ever worked retail

And now here’s the parts i LOVE about my job

  1. Some of the regular customers you get on a daily or weekly
  2. your fellow employees
  3. some of the holiday parties you get
  4. seeing the same people on a daily and feeling like you have a friend no matter what
  5. The people you consider either your friend or work family
  6. the company that treats you like a family instead of an employee or just a “number” the people that you work with that know you by name instead of hey you
  7. the perks of working at your place of business
  8. making someones day whether its finding an item for a person or helping them out just making a customer smile makes you feel special

Again this list can go on and on for days but the one thing that i’m very grateful for where I’m working is my co workers. There like my work family and I love each and every one of them to pieces. Yes you can have your ups and downs with your employees but in the end you have to get through it and suck it up or apologize whatever.

Yes people have there moments no matter where they are but people you have to remember when you treat an employee at where ever you maybe you have to realize that they deal with the public on a daily and some of them may not have that back bone like someone else and if you say or do the wrong thing it can hurt their feelings. like my momma and everyone knows is the treat that person the way you want to be treated. isn’t that the number one golden rule to people? In my opinion people that work in the retail world get to much on their plates between dealing with some co workers or customers. that customer had a terrible day at work and they go shopping and because you can’t help them out with one item they take your anger out on you and make your day pretty bad.

People need to realize that the people that work in the retail world have to stay strong just to make it through their work day. Yes there have been times where i’ve wanted to walk out of my job but I don’t because your never going to see that person again or something, but people need to realize that us retail people have feelings too and we go through so much shit on a daily.

Just remember people:

Treat people the way you want to be treated

Keep that in mind next time you go out to the store or whatever you may need from the retail world

Much Love


Megan S.


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