Winter Season Just Ahead

Well if your from the midwest you should know that the winter season is coming up super soon!!! But I want to hear from you guys sometimes on what your favorite thing to do around the winter season. I mean I’ll give you a list of all the stuff I’d love to do

  1. sledding
  2. hot coco
  3. netflix
  4. cuddling up in my bed with my dog and fuzzy PJ bottoms
  5. Snowball Fights

that’s my top list of stuff i like to do in the winter time but the list of all my hate towards winter is ten times longer it seems like but again ill list some of the stuff i hate about winter.

  1. driving in the snow
  2. the cold
  3. below zero weather when it comes (so not fun)
  4. snow (sometimes)

that’s pretty much it about my hate list but the ONE thing that would be the all time best thing for the winter season… is having that special someone to spend time with by the fire or sharing a cup of hot coco! If i had to choose between my season though no offense winter i would have to choose Summer over you any day! I love that warm weather on my skin the sun and how its not always gloomy!!! But winter does have its perks sometimes!

Anyways I want to hear from YOU my readers about what your dislikes and likes are about winter in the comments below or the comments on my Facebook page!!!


Much Love


Megan S.


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