Ghost from the past

I know each and every one of you have probably gone though this in your life, or are going through this in your life.I know I go through it a lot in my life and honestly it SUCKS big time!

Alright let me rewind a bit a ghost from the past means someone that was in your life that walked away from you either at your weakest point or just because comes back into it all of a sudden.

Yes this just happened to me recently let me sum it up a bit met a wonderful guy everything was going well before he changed and then he just fell off the face of the earth and not talking to him for weeks on end and all of a sudden he just texts out of the blue like nothing has ever gone wrong. Yes i totally had feelings for this guy big time and he crushed my heart and it sucks a lot because he was perfect when i first met him until his true colors started to show. I’m not going to lie there’s something about him when i first met him that i was crazy about if he brought that person back that i fell for when we first met YES i would take him back in a heart beat. yes i know your probably asking yourself is that a good idea? but its what the heart wants as Selena Gomez sings in her song!

Alright stories over about my Ghost but what do i do now that he jumped back into my life when everything is going perfect i know y’all are probably thinking she’s stupid blah blah blah but i HAVEN’T taken him back yet i have no desire to take him back i’d rather off be his best friend and help him get his life back on track. But in a way i know its a bad idea but he’s been there for me in my worst moments.

But here’s my question readers maybe you can answer it for me.. why is it when your life is going so great right now with out that person and your moving on and all of a sudden your ghost comes back? how do you handle it? what should you do about it? me i have no idea what to do about it. But again why is it when your life is falling into place whether its a new relationship new job a big move that your ghost decides to text you out of the blue? I mean did they just wake up one day and be like hey you know what i want to text so and so today and see how there doing. I know i should listen to my favorite quote i know its going to sound crazy but its from the Lion King:

“Oh yes the past can hurt but you can either learn from it or run from it”

That’s honestly the best quote you can live by in my opinion. Yes the past hurt (your Ghost) but yes you can either learn from it or run from it or do both. Learn from your mistakes.

Anyways until next time everyone


Megan S.




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