Winter in the Midwest

Well if you live in the midwest you all know by now that we got bombarded this past Friday with the FIRST snow fall of the year, and you know what comes with the first snow fall of the year right…. stupid drivers…. Well Friday night my brother and I went bowling and was suppose to go to our father’s house but the snow stopped us so we got to leave first thing in the morning which was no problem. After we got to our father’s house we put our bags down and loaded up the car and went for a drive to Schaumburg to Kuma’s Corner (by far the best burger place ever) and on our lovely way to Schaumburg we seen at least maybe a dozen cars in the ditch. It’s like HELLO the roads are cleared up by now because it’s in the late afternoon. Now when my brother and I were going to our father’s house in the late morning it was still a bit snowy out and the roads were still pretty bad, but on our way to the Gurnee area from the Woodstock area we did NOT see any of these cars in the ditches, spun out or accidents. But NOOO on our way to lunch/dinner there were cars all over the place on the road. If you don’t have to go out or HATE driving in this weather than STAY HOME is it that hard to just stay home, or wait unit the plows do a better job plowing. I mean are people that stupid to go out when there really not ready to drive in the snow. I know i’m not going to lie I HATE driving in the snow! I mean i hate it with a passion! If i don’t have to go anywhere I will stay home. I mean crap my brother and I carpooled to my father’s house last night. It just kills me that you have all these retarded drivers on the road. It’s like who gave you your license? Well snowy weather or not Illinois Drivers are TERRIBLE! I know at least some of you or all of you can say that there are terrible drivers out there. I don’t remember what spring break it was I want to say it was two years ago but don’t quote me on that my friend her little sister and I took a road trip to California and the only time we had stupid drivers around was when we were either in Illinois or we seen a stupid Illinois License plate… Are we that bad of drivers? Do we have to reconsider who gets there license and who doesn’t? By now all of you Illinois drivers should be USED to the snow by now it comes every year!!!! every freaking year!!! what do you do when the spring summer and part of fall come around you forget that white powdery crap that falls from the sky? But like i said you all have to agree with me here that Illinois has the worst drivers in all the 50 states… yes i’m not going to lie i’ve had my moments here and there but its nothing that serious that causes accidents. Anyways my rant for stupid drivers in the midwest is totally over for now. Just remember if your out in the midwest when it snows be careful for us ILLINOIS drivers!!!

Leave comments here or on my Facebook page and let me know your driving stories wherever you maybe.

until next time


Megan S.


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