Black Friday Weekend

So I’m doing this blog a little early because I won’t be able to blog at all this weekend, but I’m also doing this blog not only as a shopper but also as an retail employee.

To start this blog off with the shopper in me, the number one golden rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated you hear on the news every year that people get trampled shoved hurt anything. What’s the point in shoving people to get the best deal on let’s say a TV or the newest gaming system. Theres something called Cyber Monday also for all you people that don’t want to handle all these crazies on Friday. Is it really worth it to trample that old lady that wants the same gaming system as you? I’ve experience Black Friday at Walmart a few times and it’s not as bad as people think because all the BIG name stuff like electronics they have wristbands and all that fun stuff if your not there you don’t get it. But the other stuff like Video Games and DVD’s are another story. Again is it worth it shoving people aside to get that item? Just think people who actually read this is it really worth it? Just remember is it worth the bruising hair pulling etc? I can honestly go on and on about the shopper in me but now it’s time to change the subject and go to the retail worker side of me

This is my 5th year working a black Friday and you would be surprised as an employee at a retail store all the (sorry for my language) SHIT i go through?! People screaming and yelling at you because you don’t have an item in stock or someone takes it out of your hands. Don’t people have a little common sense? I mean come on every year on Black Friday after my shift is over I go home and cry?! People can be so mean around the holidays isn’t it all about bringing out the holiday spirit in you? To think that cashier you made cry just because you missed the sale price by 5 minutes? or the manager you say is a horrible person and you want them to lose their job? is it honestly worth it to take your anger out on someone that’s trying to help you? Just think people that one item you couldn’t get at the store, maybe it’s also online? have you ever thought about that? I go through so much CRAP every year during the holiday season with the meanest people in the world. there’s some real scrooge’s out there!? Last i checked this time of year is to bring out the happiness in you and the love and joy. Where is that? All i see now a days is cold hearted people that if they don’t get what they want they throw a huge scene about it and threaten people’s jobs over it. Also have you wondered that that cashier or   whoever you may have yelled at is working multiple jobs just to support there family on Christmas eve and busting there butts get get their dream toy for their kids?  You have to really consider your thoughts around the holiday season. Maybe that Cashier that you screamed at because he/she didn’t give you gift receipt doesn’t have anyone to spend the holiday season with and is just passing the time working away?

Alright I know I sound like a broken record but honestly throughout this holiday season you really have to consider what are going through that work in retail. Just because they have a smiling face on the outside doesn’t mean there cheerful on the inside and may have problems that they have to deal with on a daily bases whether its trying to figure out what to do for the holiday season, or trying to figure out how to pay for the holiday season. Consider your options everyone and remember don’t take your anger out on that person thats doing everything they can to try and help you whether it’s looking at other stores to see if they have that certain item your dying to get, or destroying their backrooms trying to find that item. As a retail employee we go through so much SHIT trying to please our customers and in the end we either make that customer really happy with a smile on their face of we get one PISSED off customer screaming at you just because you did everything to find that item and not having it in stock or any other store having it.

Just spread the holiday cheer around this year and don’t be a grinch just because we don’t have that certain toy or whatever it maybe in our store but we bend over backwards trying to find that item for you. All i ask is that you DON’T take that anger out on us just because we don’t have it.

I guarantee that each and every one of you that has worked a black Friday in retail has experienced this at some point in their lives. I would also like to hear from you guys about your experience as a Black Friday Shopper or an Employee in Retail in the comments on my Facebook page or the comments below (:

Everyone have a wonderful and SAFE Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


Megan S.


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