Holiday Season

I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday’s!

Alright but here’s the REAL reason why I’m doing this blog today! It’s because when the holiday season really comes around it really brings out the grinch in people?! If you don’t already know from previous blogs but I do work in retail right now and you see many different types of people each and every day and you have those people that REALLY stick out to you!

You’ve got the people that LOVE the holiday season! These types of people buy every Christmas item known to man kind, and ask you where are your blow up lawn decoration? First of all those are VERY tacky! But all these people talk about is Christmas Christmas Christmas! There even wearing their Christmas sweaters the day after Thanksgiving while there Black Friday shopping?!

And then we’ve got the Grinch type people who HATE Christmas and like to make your life as a retail employee HELL! They take all their anger out on you no matter what type of mood your in, and then end up putting you as an employee in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. You see these type of people more often than you see a person that is obsessed with Christmas. It seems like the people who act like a Grinch around the holidays are not happy with themselves. I could be completely wrong about that, but it seems like they HATE the world!

And lastly you have the people who could careless about the holidays and always seem to work to stay busy and keep their minds off the holidays. I’m totally not going to lie to you guys, but i fall in this category. I could honestly careless about the holidays, because half the time we either celebrate the holidays early or not at all like we used to when I was a kid. It’s because these types of people don’t really have a lot of family close to them. Like me for an example I have an Aunt and Uncle in Oregon and Colorado, I grandparents that live in Arizona, I have cousin’s that live in Georgia. I know the holidays are to be spent with family but it’s hard to spend it with family when half your family lives in different states. In all honest I’m the type of person that would rather be working to keep my mind busy than worrying and stressing about not seeing all of my family. It’s like the type of people who could careless either celebrate it at the movies or wherever they can. Some people take their families to florida or on a cruise rather than spending it with all of the family. But who am I to judge on what you do around the holidays. Just spend it with the people you love, and care about.

I know some of you are probably thinking wow I sound selfish or rude but its just an opinion about the types of people that handle the holiday’s differently. Like I said above I’d rather keep busy around the holiday’s to keep my mind off it. But it’s all up to you guys out there that are reading this on how you want to spend your holiday’s as a Grinch, someone who loves christmas with a passion, or someone that could careless about the holiday.

Until next time


Megan S.


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