Christmas Lights

Here’s one everyone can relate to around this time of year am i right? How do all these people do it honestly? I’ve seen flying around Facebook all these houses that go all out with there Christmas Lights each and every year. Don’t get me wrong I totally love watching the videos on Facebook, or actually going to these houses that have them synced up with music with my family and we enjoy it. The one that I wonder the most… How much is their electric bill? I can tell you one house out near my mother’s place in Wonder Lake before they moved had all the blow up characters, what seems like a million lights, the works that was just the backyard because you can see their backyard on the main road, so one year when they were doing there display we went to the front of the house and it was just as “tacky” as my mom would say in the front. It was quite entertaining that they had a box for donations. I wonder how many people actually donated to them. There’s this one house that my Dad’s taking my brother, grandmother and I to in a few weeks down in Naperville to go see I’ve seen the YouTube video, and my dad also said it was on a TV show, and they won the contest. Not going to lie I’m like super excited to see this house. In the video it’s a beautiful mansion and the theme…… Chicago Blackhawks which in my opinion is BADASS!!!! But I know all of you can relate that how much is the person’s electric bill each year when they go all out on Christmas Lights?

Leave your comments below or on my Facebook Page on your experience with Christmas Lights. I would love to read about them


Much Love


Megan S.


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