What to get that special someone?

Everyone can relate to this one around the holiday season this year am i right? Married, in a long term relationship, or a newly started relationship what do you get your  other half? You either know everything about them, or since your in that fresh relationship your still getting to know that person. I mean if your in that fresh relationships do you get that person something? Dig around and see what they like the most even though your in that phase where your getting to know each other it doesn’t hurt to ask ” What do you want for Christmas?” some of them may say I want this or I’m not sure, or the famous one that just happened recently “you”. So if your not sure here’s some ideas on what to get that special someone in your life that you just started dating.

  1. how about a gift card to dinner
  2. his/her favorite alcoholic beverage if there of age
  3. pintrest (that’s always a go to idea)
  4. a visa gift card
  5. something they can use
  6. or how about socks (not underwear thats just weird)
  7. or how about some fuzzy PJ bottoms
  8. favorite perfume/cologne
  9. favorite candies and other goodies
  10. and lastly a weekend getaway to somewhere close but yet away from town

Those are just some ideas that would be the perfect gift for that newly relationship status. If those don’t suit your needs on what to get that special someone why not ask around. Ask their best friends or family members if your close with them to get ideas on what to get that special someone in your life.

Alright until next time leave comments on my Facebook page or in the comments below on what are some ideas you would give that special someone in your life for the holiday seasons.


much love


Megan S.


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