Being a Girl

Here’s one all my ladies can relate to. So I was at Walmart the other day getting some basic products for myself Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Hair Spray and here I am waiting in line and get up to the check out when the cashier ran me up I was in shock by my total! 15 dollars for those four items! So here’s where today’s blog comes in. WHY IS BEING A GIRL SO EXPENSIVE? Yes, I understand that some of the female products like tampons and pads can get a bit pricy, but the make up is where it really gets you hard!  Almost 10 bucks for cover up and eye liner don’t get me started on that.

Here’s a little break down

hair spray–$3 (for the cheap one)

Shampoo/Conditioner — $5 per bottle

Cover up/foundation — $10 per compact/bottle

Eye shadow — $6 (for a cheap brand)

Eye Liner — $7 

Lip stick/lip gloss — $6

Grand Total for the basic stuff — $42

And that is just for the basic stuff that I would use and the total is just a guess on how much you would spend on that stuff, but being a true girly girl you could spend hundreds of dollars a month on hair products and make up. If you add up all the hair products like leave in crap and all that stuff you could be spending a small amount on it. Some times guys do have it easy. Yes, I hate to say that when getting ready guys have it so easy take a shower run their fingers through their hair get dressed and done! Us ladies take hours to get ready and in my opinion it’s a pain in the butt sometimes getting ready for whatever I have to do whether it’s a date or going to work.

Guys as you can see it takes time and money to look pretty for that one date, or that outing we’re running late for. Yet you always give us a hard time on why are you spending so much money on make up and hair products to why are you taking forever to get ready? If she is one of those girly girls she’s going to take FOREVER to get ready compared to the girl that rarely puts on make up and keeps it simple. Thank god i’m that girl that likes it simple give me a hair tie and sweat pants over eye liner and lip gloss any day. But yes I will have those moments where I will spend hours getting ready just to impress the people I’m going out with or going to the bar or whatever the case maybe but if I could I would rather wear leggings and a hoodie every day of the week over heels and a dress any day.

Men you have to realize how much a girl puts in to look special for you.

  1. The make up
  2. The hair
  3. The perfect clothes
  4. The jewelry
  5. The matching shoes

It takes time to look perfect for your man. You can go tearing your closet apart just to find that special outfit that will make that special someone in your life go crazy for you and make them fall in love with you over and over again.

So men the next time you tell your woman to “hurry up” just remember she’s taking the time and effort to dress to impress you and make you want her more.

Until next time


Megan S.



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