Tis The Season…..

Well as you all might know from some of my previous blogs that right now I do work in the retail industry. You can see once it gets closer to the holiday season meaning the week of you truly see people’s true colors. You see the snappy attitude, to the let me talk to your manager, to the classic this is damaged or something is wrong with it can i get a discount?  This everyone is where every retail employee has to stand there grounds and not let the customer get the best of you. Like yesterday and an example i work at the customer service desk, and i had a lady that tried to return a scrub top because she brought it “dirty” and she claimed that there was a sticker on it that said $5, but she doesn’t have the tag or receipt with her. She put up the BIGGEST fight over it because she got charged the normal price of $15. She was the most unpleasant customer in the world.

So my thing is. Don’t you know the golden rule people? “treat people the way you want to be treated?” I wish that applied to the rules at work because there’s days where I have rude people and they just tear me down and make me want to cry. There should be just ONE day out of the year that you can treat customers how they treat you. It’s not fair that people always tear the employee down no matter what. It’s pathetic.

Well that’s my little rant of the day. Just remember treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat people with respect. Just because that person had a bad day else where they take their anger out on you and that my friend is NOT fair at all!

Until Next Time


Megan S.



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