What does love mean to me?

What does love mean to you? Well to me it means someone that shows you what happiness is all about. Love is the butterflies you get when you get a text, phone call, or whatever it may be from that special someone in your life. That goofy grin you get when your around that person, or when they come across your mind. Love is like a fairy tale sometimes when your either waiting for your princess or prince charming to come rescue you and live your happily ever after. And yet sometimes you have that moment where you get a broken heart. Which is always not the greatest feeling in the world. Love is where you smile when someone brings up their name, or you can’t get them out of your mind. Love is always getting excited to see that special person means to you.

Yes people go through their heartbreaks in the past present or future but in the end that special someone will be knocking on your door and be like “hello let me into your life” Yes i know heartbreaks are not fun whatsoever but you get over it in due time, and you think to yourself that there’s someone out there that’s so much better than your ex that will put a smile on your face, make you laugh, or whatever the case maybe. As long as your happy with that person you spend time with, and seeing a future with them.

Dating is like an interview in my opinion. You sit down for dinner or coffee and you ask that person a series of questions to see if the chemistry is there. And at some point in your time you get tired of that interview phase and your just ready for your happily ever after with that dream family, the perfect career, and a loving spouse. But in reality sometimes people don’t get that. People fall out of love, break hearts, divorce/ break up, or just stop growing feelings for you. That’s the worst pain in the world losing someone you put so much time and effort in all these days months years and having to start all over with the interview phase.

Now a days it’s way to easy for people to fall out of love because they have the ability of finding someone better online or in person. Now that we have all these dating websites or hook up websites, where is all the dating now a days it’s all hook ups and friends with benefits.

If I could choose anything in the world now it would be to have a loving and healthy relationship that my grandparents had. They’ve been together for what seems like forever. When they fought they always talked it over, divorce was NEVER an option with them. Seeing how happy they were ever since I was born that’s the kind of relationship everyone should have. You should fall in love with the person of your dreams, not someone who either makes a lot of money or is good in bed. It’s all about finding that special someone to spend your entire life with. That’s how my grandparents were they spent their whole lives together until my grandfather passed away a few years ago and not a day goes by where she doesn’t think about him. That’s the kind of relationship I want to find.

I’ve always told myself this since I was a younger girl just getting into the dating world that dating is all about trying to find someone you want to wake up to and fall asleep next to every day for the rest of you lives. It takes truly a long time for someone to honestly do that. Shoot my grandparents were married for 40 plus years and the way my grandmother smiled at my grandfather like a little school girl having a huge crush on someone. That’s what I want in life.

Also a huge thing about being in love is the fear of losing that person. I know I have all these questions running through my head but I don’t know about you. But it’s like:

  1. Am I getting to boring for them?
  2. Am I too clingy
  3. What if he/she doesn’t love me anymore?
  4. What if we break up?
  5. Will I ever find my happily ever after?

Yes, I bet each and every one of you think something similar to that, but knowing that your relationship is strong is the key point. Relationships are all based on trust. If there’s no trust there’s pretty much no relationship. Because being a girl you also have those questions like:

  1. Is he cheating on me?
  2. Am I the right one?
  3. Do I suck in bed?
  4. What if he doesn’t love me anymore?
  5. Do I come off too strong?

But everyone you have to realize that when your just getting to know that person it’s all based on trust. That’s the key to every relationship is trust and happiness.

Everyone has to realize that it’s easy to find a hook up here and there but it’s truly hard to find that person you would even consider spending the rest of your life with. Now that we have the internet it’s all about sex. That’s what seems to run through everyone’s mind nowadays. It’s like HELLO i’m over here looking for the real deal not a one night stand. I want my Prince Charming to ride up on his horse and take me away in the sunset to his castle. Yeah I know i’m dreaming big but hey it can happen… right?


Well everyone that’s honestly what I consider what love is. Leave your comments below and tell me how you feel about love or the hook up scene.

Until next time


Megan S.


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