Why? What If?

Alright readers haven’t written in a while but i’ve been thinking lately and today’s topic is why and what if?

Why is the weather crappy

Why do we fall in love?

Why does falling in love heart?

Why can’t I win the lotto?

And the list goes on and on for miles. And we’ve got a list of What ifs.

What if he/she doesn’t like me?

What if I did this instead?

And all these questions are running through the minds daily. You can’t predict the future that’s why you have these questions on a daily bases! What ifs, Whys and when are always on everyones mind constantly. And thats when you let life take the reins and steer you in the right direction. Life is full of surprises when you least expect it. It can either be for the best or for the worst depending on how you want things to happen. Like for example that guy/girl you met somewhere, and you gave them your number, or you just let them pass you by and regret that moment. Or that date you went on and now a few years later down the road your married with kids or that BIG move you’ve been dying to do for the longest time. You always take those chances in life no matter what it comes down to. Life is like the game of chance. Cherish the moment everyone because you don’t know how long it will last. Cherish that moment you spend with friends or family. I know i’m not super religious but God always has plans for you no matter what. God has that plan for the perfect job, that relationship, or whatever the situation maybe. God has special plans for each and every one of us. It just may take long for some people than others. Like I said i’m not religious but i do believe in God, and yes i do believe in the plans that he has set for me. Now going back to the question you ask yourself on a daily. Just be proud that you wake up every morning and go to bed overnight. Just cherish that moment that God has given you! Never dwell on the little stuff in life. That dream job you want? It will come when you least expect it. Single? Your Prince Charming/princess just got lost on the side of the road somewhere and you will be rescued soon enough. You just have to wait and be patient. Your time will come in no time. Never rush what life has planned for you. Just ask yourself what does life have planned for me today> What’s that saying you hear? When life hands you lemons make lemonade.When you’re feeling adventurous just add a shot of tequila to spice up your life.


Until next time,


Megan S.


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