Superbowl 50

I know today is the BIG day for all you sports fan whether you’re a Panther’s fan or a Bronco’s fan. Even though I’m not really rooting for a team to win I’m one of those people if the team doesn’t excite me I’ll still watch the game just for the commercials. Yes I’m that person since the Chicago Bear’s aren’t playing (don’t think they ever will) sad to say I’ll always watch the game for the commercials. Oh and can’t forget the half time show too since it is Beyonce, Coldplay and last I heard Bruno Mars. You can never go wrong with the Queen B and Bruno Mars. Oh and also the M&M commercial too! Even though I don’t think they can ever top the Sexy and I know it commercial. That one to this day is by far the best one yet! Oh another good commercial that I thought was fabulous was last year’s Budweiser commercial, oh and the Dorito’s commercial too. I want to say that the Dorito’s commercial is made by every day people, and now they’re millionaires. Shoot maybe one year I’ll get my friends together and make a commercial and make millions. Shoot all these BIG name companies that want their commercial aired during the BIG game has to spend around 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS just for a 30 second commercial! It’s insane how much a company will go just to get that 30 seconds of fame! But have you noticed that most of the commercials you see are either some sort of car dealer, McDonalds, Beer, and Go Daddy. There we’re a few movie previews, Turbo Tax, some phone companies but if you think about it each commercial you see had to spend that 4.5 MILLION DOLLAR!! That’s 275.5 MILLION DOLLARS (If I did the math correctly) between the 61 commercials that aired last year.

But I want to hear from you guys What was your favorite commercial last year (2015)? Me I LOVE LOVE LOVED the lost dog Budweiser commercial not gonna lie it made me cry like a baby!

And also I want to hear about your favorite commercial this year?!?!

I’ll try to write tomorrow or even after the game to give you my opinion about the commercials this year!


Until Next Time


Megan S.


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