After Super Bowl 50

Well It’s after the game and even though this is listed as Super Bowl 50, I’m going to talk about the commercials instead and the halftime show! I mean the game was by far amazing to begin with! Panthers-10 Broncos- 24. But let’s be serious if your not into the sport your just watching the game because of the halftime show and the commercials.

Let’s start off with the half time show we can keep this section of the blog sweet and simple. I thought it was BY FAR AMAZING! I loved Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Queen B herself! It was honestly amazing having all those kids up there too was just priceless and amazing. I can tell you this ever since I’ve started really watching the game I have not once been disappointed by the half time show at all!!! It’s never a disappointing moment for the game. They have amazing singers or bands play each and every year, and just the way each person blends their music in together is just by far amazing and just WOW!

The commercials this year I can honestly say I was quite disappointed in fact! Most of it was health related, and I’m sitting at home eating wings and pizza drinking beer sitting on my fat ass watching the game like every other American is doing. I was super disappointed in the Budweiser commercial the most! I mean come on each and every year I’ve noticed that they always have the horses and a puppy this year it was quite BORING! I was unimpressed Budweiser. Also I noticed that there wasn’t an M&M commercial this year! What are they becoming too cheap?! It doesn’t beat a few years ago when the M&M dude’s danced to LMFAO Sexy and I know it!!! That was priceless. Oh another one that got me laughing but I thought was stupid as shit was the commercial with Drake in it… I mean what were they trying to promote i was too busy laughing at these “phone” companies dancing to Drake’s song to even miss the message of the commercial. It was so stupid it had me laughing! I mean they made it seem like Drake was GAY!!!! But other than that most of the other commercials weren’t really entertaining besides

The DORITO’S commercials 

I couldn’t help but laugh at BOTH of those commercials but if I had to choose between the both of them I would defiantly choose the ultrasound one! OMG that was just way too funny! It had me dying of laughter! If you haven’t seen the commercial (click here) to watch it! Also here is the other Doritos commercial that had me dying of laughter too! (click here) I’ve NEVER EVER EVER had a problem with those commercials they’re just priceless and so easy to even come up with. I wish I could be that person that came up with that idea! But Kudos to those people that came up with these commercials they were by far the best ones this year!

Anyways I want to hear from you readers about what you thought of the game, the half time show, and lastly the commercials! leave comments below or on my Facebook page on your thoughts!!!! (click here for Facebook)

Until next time guys

Megan S.


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