All the excuses in my life

Here’s a good one that most of you guys can I hope relate to..At least I hope you guys can.

For as long as I remembered I’ve always been everyone’s last resort to hang out or everyone’s last choice. I was never anyone’s first choice in life. Whether it was with some of my friends, or even my family half the time. I’m always everyone’s last resort compared to their friends that live closer in their town, or to boyfriends/girlfriends, oh and my favorite to your siblings.

So let’s start off with the friends part in this blog. No matter what you as a friend, Best friend, sisters from another mom or whatever the case maybe you will NEVER compare to their boyfriends. Honestly it SUCKS it always seems when one of your friends is dating she/he always pushes you off the face of the earth. And yes this has happened to me with a friend and honestly it sucks. Oh and another thing that you honestly get tired of hearing of because you ask to hang out is the excuses that they give you. The excuses like oh I have work, or oh I don’t have time or better yet, I work too much to do anything, here’s a favorite of mine your too far away to drive to hang out with. Then you find out either on Facebook, SnapChat or any other social media that he/she is hanging with someone else. I would make the effort to see you but why bother sometimes it’s pointless honestly. Your probably thinking right now why is she complaining about this. Well… It’s been happening a lot recently and I’ve HAD it with the lame excuses. If you don’t want to hang out just be flat out with me and not give me some bull shit excuse and me finding out on social media. I’m trying to put the effort into hanging out with you on YOUR terms but in other words i’m last freaking resort compared to the friends that live out by you and it’s NOT fair. What’s the whole point in having this friendship if half the time you NEVER want to see me??

Alright so I’m done venting about the friends in my life. (yes they probably by now know who they are)

So let’s begin with the family. Don’t get me wrong I love my family to pieces but some of the things they say can be hurtful also. Here’s a good one, Why can’t you be more like your brother? How could I be more like him if you never let me go to an away school? Never let me do anything while I was in high school? I’m tired of hearing the you should be like so and so, or here’s a good one how’s the job hunt going along with a degree that will get you no where? I’m trying my best to make in through in the world and yet I always get let down by them. Sometimes it hurts.

So what I’m getting at is that sometimes people have a lot of negative things in their lives and sometimes it has to deal with friends and family. You can’t just drop your friends and family like that can you? At least I can’t. It’s just I wish I was something in their eyes. One of my best friend won’t ever hang out with me and its bogus, she would rather sit at home and be and “adult” as she would say than have dinner with me, or she has a puppy to take care of. I’m sorry I’m that one friend out of our group of 4 that doesn’t live super close to you but come on at least i’m attempting to hang out. Even when I was in school full time had an internship and work I still had some free time to hang out with. She always gives me the excuse I work full time and I’m in school full time. I’m just tired of the excuses sometimes. And then the family, here’s one LAY OFF MY BACK I’m doing the best I can to get through this world without you guys nagging at me about jobs and shit like that! I’m trying my best!


Alright so I think I’m done ranting. If you’ve made it this far by reading Thanks for hearing my vent about my problems, and i appreciate it


Until Next Time


Megan S.


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