So sorry I haven’t written in a while readers but here’s one that I think all of you or at least most of you can relate to!! Being “catfished”



lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.
“he was being catfished by a cruel prankster”
I think we can all relate to this in any way I can guess, I know I have been cat fished countless times in the past before I found the person I’m currently dating. I mean if you really think about it everyone is into the whole “online” dating type now that technology has improved over the years. You hear all these horror stories online or on the news about someone meeting someone off the internet and then they “disappear” and honestly it SCARES the shit out of me because you never know about that person who you’re meeting just for coffee. They could be lying through the computer screen about what they are saying. Like that really hot dude that you met off of Plenty of Fish, and he claims he’s a body builder you set up a time and date to meet and he’s NOTHING like his profile or picture. I know that saying is to learn from your mistakes but come on people WHY LIE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE ANWAYS online. It’s totally not nice!
But what made me want to write about Catfish is because I was watching the show on MTV called “Catfish” and honestly if you are familiar with the show and know the steps with Nev and Max you can honestly learn from them. I’ll list some steps that I’ve learned about watching that show from day one.
1. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH PERSON’S PICTURE (if there is NO results when you google image a person’s picture well they maybe a fake person)
2. ALWAYS SEE IF THEY HAVE MORE THAN ONE PICTURES . (if they have one picture that should be a red flag that they’re fake)
3. VIDEO CHAT! ( this should be one of the main things you ask a person, because if they don’t want to video chat or come up with some excuses, what are they really hiding)
4. THEY ALWAYS TEXT AND NEVER CALL ( Hell you could be talking to someone you know or someone pretending to be so and so.)
And the list can go on but I’ve learned when I did online dating that I would always do some of these steps to see if they are who they say you are. Because you never know who you’re talking to heck you could be talking to an ex bf/gf, crush, a school bully or the list can go on for days. You just have to be careful about who you can and cannot trust now online because of the whole pretending to be someone you’re not.
And also this can also tie into buying something off the internet whether it’s a Facebook group, or even Craig’s list. That iPhone 6s selling for $100 there is something totally wrong with that. Doesn’t it just sound fishy? Or “WANTED FEMALE ROOMMATE” – water and electric included rent $400 a month, looking for a female to just have girl time with and become best friends-  HELLO DOESN’T THAT SOUND ODD TO YOU? You can NEVER trust anything you read online whether it’s that online dating profile OR an ad for Craig’s list!
The idea on why i’m writing this post is to inform everyone to BE CAREFUL when you’re doing anything related to the internet. It’s always good to do your research when going on a date, the best thing to do is to tell whoever it maybe close to you the first and last name of the person you’re going on a date with, where you’re meeting, what time, and if that person doesn’t hear from you in so long or they don’t show up to work the next day then you start panicking.  In other words if you are going on that date from the really hot surfer you met off do your research be a Nev and Max and always use other social media to see if they have a Facebook, instragram, or even twitter, because they could be saying one thing on this online dating site and having a different life on another social media site.
But until next time everyone
Megan S.

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