The weather’s getting nicer

So as you all may know in the midwest the weather is getting nicer, and people on the roads are getting more and more crazier I’ve noticed living in the midwest(Illinois). What really scares me the most about it though is motorcycle accidents. That’s what scares me the most about driving in this nice weather. Yeah I know why be scared you may ask? Because if you just so happen get into an accident and it involves a motorcycle not only did you hurt yourself but you but the person on the bike in serious condition. I know you are asking why are you so worried about it Megan? Why you may ask is because my step dad and mother are Harley Riders and it honestly scares the shit out of me when they go on their bike rides on nice days because you don’t know about that one car who’s doing god know what and then something happens. Yes I’m being a big baby about this you may say but when it comes to my family I’m very protective over them no matter if it’s my mother, father, brother, or step father. I’ve got a big golden heart and I worry about everyone out on the road. When you read the papers now that the weather is getting nicer up here you see at least one story about a motorcycle accident that can lead to death and you wonder (well at least I do) about what’s going to happen to that person? Are they ok? How is their family and friends taking the situation?

What really bothers me the most about this is you see people posting on any type of social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, twitter, or tumblr about Why should I watch out for biker’s when they think they own the road? That’s what really bugs me the most because they follow the SAME rules of the road as you. And one post about bikes being “toys” because you can’t afford a car. Well fine sir it’s just as same as a car but they only have two wheels. It also kills me people posting videos of people trying to run these bikers off the road. Don’t they care about that person’s family? I can’t see why people make a big deal about bikers. They are just like you and I normal people during the week that work a 9-5 office job, and on the weekends they like to enjoy the sun beating down on their skin revving their engines.

You see in the papers and on the local news about all these accidents in the summer involving at least one or two motorcycles a month, and you wonder what caused that accident? Who’s fault was it really, because people would assume that it’s the bikers fault, and you know what the saying is when you assume and your wrong your making an ass out of yourself. But hear me out people when your on the road no matter what state your in please keep your eyes out for bikers. Your not only risking your life, your risking that person’s life to if your just “joking” around. And when your just “joking” around you have a higher chance of injuring the person on the bike, paralyze, or even killing that person.

So hear me out people


You not only risking your life your risking someones mother, father, son, daughter, brother, and sisters life.


until next time


Megan S.


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