I want to hear from you……

With all this talk and everything about the GBLT community whether it’s on the news or your social media feeds. What seriously possesses people to harm one another over their sexual orientation? I mean come on people we’re in the 21st Century?! Let people be them! I mean really does it bother you that much that so and so likes a man/female? I have a few people of the GBLT community and it’s heartbreaking knowing that someone can just threaten them like that. Whether it’s the name calling or the harassing messages on social media, or the worst that we’ve been hearing about death. Is it worth it that you being the person that has a hate towards them feel better that your taking someone’s live because they are just living life? Does it make you feel like a better person that you harmed that person? Society has changed people you have to learn to live with it. I mean shit does that make you feel like a better person knowing that the person you hurt is either

1.harming themselves


2. your taking the life of someone.

but enough of me venting i want to hear from my readers below on what your thoughts are on the whole shooting thing?


until next time


Megan S.


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