What is the world coming to?

It’s been all over the news lately with all these police shootings and the political parties, and what not. It’s all the bad stuff that you’ve been hearing about on the news lately I mean come on where is the story about the little puppy that could walk for the first time, or the surprise visit that a little girl gets from her daddy when he comes home from over seas. I swear all you hear now a days via the newspaper, social media, or the TV it’s always the bad. I mean crap what is the world coming to now with killing of the cops, to the night club shooting in florida a while ago, to the “drama” with the political parties.

To start off with this little rant is the whole police shootings. what in the right mind would make someone shoot a police officer. and all you hear on the news now is “black lives matter” what does that have to really do with someone shooting someone. I’m not trying to sound racist or anything but it’s like are you kidding me it’s like the world is turning all this into one racist issue. What about the police? What about the men and woman who are threatening their lives to protect you? Why can’t people get along in the world? I mean it’s all guns and violence now. It’s like… is it really even worth it? Is it even worth it to take someone’s life? haha Do I look good in prison orange? (seen that as a facebook meme)

And what’s going on with this political parties crap. I know i’m really not into politics but come on what’s with all the bashing against both parties? The whole thing w Mrs. Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech… really… Honestly this years race reminds me of freaking high school drama. Maybe the United States should just skip the race and stay single for a while. HAHA again seen that one on facebook, and in my opinion I would honestly vote for trump. The whole thing with Hilary’s secret e-mail account has me worried. It’s like what else is she hiding from us?

If you really think about it when your browsing through social media, or the news it’s nothing ever really good. Lately i’ve seen on Facebook is Pokemon go! Yes i’m not going to lie I do play it, but i’m not addicted to it. I mean crap I’ve seen on Facebook that people are getting killed over the game, because there not paying attention to their surroundings. Even before you open the APP you see that it says while it’s loading ” Be aware of your surroundings” There was one thing I also stumbled upon on Facebook is a young child was playing the game and was trying to catch a Pokemon and stumbled upon a dead body. First of all how FUCKED (sorry for my language) is that?! That poor kid is probably scarred for life!! But in the reality it’s just another brain washing game. If you think about it this game came out at the perfect time. What is the government hiding?

If you really look at it, when something good happens like a new app or whatever the case maybe something within the government or the world is going wrong. It’s like what is this app trying to cover up? What do you think its hiding? what is your opinion on the government race? What’s your reaction to all the police shootings around the world? I want to hear from you people. Talk to me let me know how you feel about all of this in the comments below or on my facebook (click here)  page.


Until next time everyone


Megan S.


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