It’s been too long….

Holy CRAP it’s been way too long since I’ve even seen my blog! I’m so SORRY readers you probably thought I went missing or something! Wow no not true just have been super busy with reality! So instead of going on and on about my personal life lets just get right to the point. Today’s topic… (drum roll please)

How you know you found the right one!

Ok so true life scenario going on right about now well in my life at least. I’ll sum it up the best I can without boring you guys! Don’t want to bore any of you guys since it’s been way too long since I’ve written. 

Made a POF account ( yeah i know online dating)  Not like face to face met anyone but talked to some pretty sick people who only wanted one thing and one thing only and HELLO thats not me! Its like (DO NOT message me about sending nudies or anything of that NOT happening.) anyways going back to my short story right now. Messaged this really cute guy and didn’t think that he would message me back but low and behold he did. Talked for a few days and then he was like we should meet up for dinner, so I was like sure why not. The day dinner happened I was SO NERVOUS I wanted to cancel but my brother and my friend were like you better not cancel. So I went to dinner with him and after that we’re still in the process of writing history. 

so now fast forwarding to a month and a half now and this guy and I are still I guess you can say “dating” but not the official title of Boyfriend/Girlfriend yet. So this readers is where I NEED YOUR HELP. Do I be the bigger person and go to him and be Yo what are we?

Because all of my Co-Workers and Friends are all telling me to be the bigger person and wait and let him ask you out and make him work for it. It’s like HELLO he has been working for it for the past month. It’s like we act like a couple without the title I guess you can say. We hold hands, We kiss, We cuddle and all that stuff and we’re not together but we act like it. I’ve met his family, and even get invited to all these social events that him and his family throw. So readers this is where I need your input on all of this. Should I just go to him and be like Hey your like mine and I don’t want to share you with anyone else. 

But here let me give you a list of all the things I really like about this guy!

  1. We text constantly
  2. I’ve met his mom and dad first 
  3. His mom and dad ask about me and said to him that they like me
  4. I get along with his complicated brothers
  5. We see each other as much as possible
  6. He tells me he likes me
  7. He met my friends on New Years Eve and they approve
  8. I’ve spent the night at his house
  9. We kiss constantly when we’re together
  10. We act like a couple
  11. Hes sweet and caring
  12. He’s easy going
  13. He knows how to make a girl smile
  14. He knows what im thinking most days( kinda scary i know) 

And the list can go on and on about him

And the list can honestly go on and on for days it feels like it. The last time I ever felt like this because of someone was a few years ago when I was dating this kid named well we’re not going to give a name but we will just call him D and the guy that I’m currently seeing now we’ll just call him C but the guy in between D and C never gave me butterflies like those two guys did/do! I mean shoot C knows how to make me smile when I’m like super upset just like this past Sunday! Its just the way that person hugs you and tries to make you smiles just makes you feel pretty good about yourself.

Anyways going back to the topic that I was going to talk about. How do you know you found the right one? You honestly DON’T know until it hits you in the face. Heck it can be like a connection at first sight to months down the road it just depends on different people and it also depends on how you connect with that person. I mean crap when I met C for the first time our first date he came to my town and we went to dinner and it was honestly NERVE wrecking! I was getting so nervous i was making myself sick, and now that i’m writing this blog right now i’m thinking what if i did cancel on him? where would i be today as of right now? I mean I can honestly say that i am truly happy that i did meet him. He knows how to make me smile laugh and make me feel wanted and liked. Just the way he looks at me I know deep down he truly does like me. 

Ok again going back to the topic how do you know you found the right one? It honestly is all in the heart. Your heart knows what you want and you should ALWAYS listen to it. Even though sometimes it can be wrong but in the end it truly knows what it wants. It’s just like that one song from back in the day called Listen to your heart! Good song by the way but again you should always listen to your heart. If its a fight between your head and your heart. DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO YOUR HEAD! I’ve done that in the past and it was the BIGGEST mistake of my life! I’m glad I’m where I am in life right now and with the people i care about the most in it! 

But enough about me, I want to hear from you my readers about your experience on online dating, real life first dates, and the works and tips and tricks! I want to interact with all of you my lovely readers on everything! Comment below about your experiences or even visit my facebook page by clicking here and leaving me a comment!





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