Cosmo moves

Alright ladies this one is mainly towards you! So I was in line at Walmart with this guy i’m seeing and while we waited for our turn to get checked out I picked up the latest issue of Cosmo, and the cover caught my attention it went along the lines of “new moves to spice of your sex life” So me being the person I am and curious I flip to that section in the magazine and i’m thinking to myself just looking at their little cartoon pictures… HOW IN THE WORLD does someone get their leg up that high? or something like is that going to cause me a foot cramp or leg cramp and god forbid cant forget the famous Charlie horses. Alright and to for warn you guys YES i will be sharing pictures from the Cosmo website!


So here is pict3-standingoure number one that I found on the Cosmo Website, and its like 1. I’m not a skinny girl like her in the picture this woman that is writing to you all right now has some meat on these bones. 2. how the hell does this girl get her leg up so high? Shit if that we’re me I’d be all like LEG CRAMP! STOP STOP STOP! Instead of YES YES YES GO GO GO! I mean like I said don’t get me wrong i’m all for new positions to spice up my love life and it’s like in the end when i’m reading Cosmo its like… well is this really worth the pain?


So according to Cosmo this one to the right is called bumper cars? 5-bumpercarsAgain in my mind…WHY?! How does this turn you on? And again this one is made for a skinny person, again I’ve got some meat on me bones! I don’t think even if the guy i’m with and I tried hard enough we could pull this off. First of all it looks complicated and second I would probably just bust out laughing the whole time. It’s another one of those silly positions that gets you wondering how or why did someone come up with this in the fist place. Honestly this picture right here is making me laugh a bit at how funny this position looks like. 


Ok so there is really nothing wrong with this position but as I was scrolling through all the Cosmo stuff about sex on their website. One thing never to have in bed with you is a freaking ANIMAL! That is just2-tightend-1481728559 freaking awkward. I’m only putting a show on for you not for your animals or anything either. My option if we’re having sex animals are outside the bedroom! I’ve heard stories about people getting their groove on and next thing they know the dog or cat ruins it by jumping on the bed and all that. It’s like uhm no thank you not into that at all. But going back to this picture minus the dog/cat whatever that black thing is. There really is nothing wrong with this position at all. You just have to find the right fit and its perfect and makes both your times pleasureable. 

Alright and the last one I will do before I get to into this and scare you off readers. This one why just why? The poor girl looks like a freaking sandwich and no offense guys5-upsidedowncake-1479261393 I don’t want your ass or your balls in my face while your getting it in. That’s just yucky! I mean granted it does look like it does the job right but just the idea of having your guys ass in your face is kinda freaking me out. I mean crap what if he just lets one rip during sex and tries to hide it. Well sweetheart in this position you can’t hide that hell i’d probably end up tasting that shit! I mean granted the girl can have her revenge on that as well but my goodness just looking at this is making my body cramp up like no other. I can see it now STOP!? (insert guys name) I HAVE A CHARLIE HORSE ON MY CALF!  Also it does look like it works out the abs but my god! It just looks so freaking painful! Like i’m really like all I don’t even know the right word to use right now about this position. 

But anyways moving on if you want to spice up your sex life Click here to be directed to the Cosmo page and find all these crazy sex positions. 

But readers I also want to hear from you about your Charlie embarrassing moments in the bedroom, to the positions you use as well. I want to interact with you guys! Leave me comments below or check out my Facebook page and leave your feedback here as well. 

until next time

Megan S. 






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