Why does being shy suck so much?

Yep I’m just going to be flat out and honest I am the most shy person ever if you don’t know me all that well. Yeah you would think wow Megan shy? that’s impossible, but nope its totally possible. It’s like when you meet someone for the first time it’s going through your head are you talking to much? too little? is there something wrong? what’s he/she thinking? And here is the classic. OMG?! Do I stink?!

Alright but moving on why does being shy suck so much?! It’s like here’s my theory and yes I will be talking about my life right now ( yeah i know readers you guys are probably like shut the heck up about your life we don’t want to hear it) but it’s the easiest way to connect with you guys honestly and how you guys can possibly relate to me in any way shape or form. So here it goes readers This guy that I mentioned in the past posts we’re gonna call him C again. We’ve been I guess you can say “seeing” each other for almost two months now and yet NO ONE has made a move to be like hey lets make us official. It’s like oh come on now! Your killing me smallz! Like here is where my shy part kicks in. It’s like I’m way to shy to be like HELLO!? Here I am can you just like make me official now?! It’s like I keep throwing out little hints and stuff around and yet he just doesn’t see it I feel like. Again my Co-Workers and Friends are all like be the bigger person and hold your ground and it’s like I want to be the bigger person, but I also want to know what we are. Again it’s like we act like a couple and all that stuff but with out the title. Does he just assume that we’re together?


But this is where I need your help readers. What should I do? I’m taking all the advice I can use?! I want to hear from you guys in the comments below or on my facebook page by clicking here.


Until Next Time


Megan S.


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