How long??

Alright ladies, and well gentlemen to you can read along to this I just have some questions to ask you and my thoughts on my own questions, as well. As you seen in my previous blog I’ve been seeing someone, have been for almost 3 months now but it’s like we’re dating but without the title you know so eh that part doesn’t matter. I mean I will give you some of the questions I want to ask you readers and I want to hear your thoughts on them, also I’ll give you my thoughts on them as well.

So Question…. #1: How long before you farted in front of you other half? Well for me…… If you know me very well I fart all the time there’s no lie there you can ask my best friends about that, BUT when it comes to that other half that I’m just starting off “dating” or whatever the case maybe. SHIT I’m going to hold that sucker in!! Or I’ll like leave the room or if we’re at the store walk row or two away just so you won’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know it’s like why is it when your with that person for the first few months you for the life of you CAN’T fart?! It’s like the WORST feeling in the world! Shoot I mean I can go on and on about this for hours I feel like so we will just move along….

Question #2…. How long before you took a poop anywhere near the other half? Again going into 3 months and I have still yet pooped in the same house as the guy! The few times I’ve spent the night or even gone over to his house for movie night nope I REFUSE to poop! I mean the first time I spent the night with him it was New Year’s Eve the condo had 2 bathrooms but for the life of me I couldn’t take a shit, and speaking of poop last night I was again spending the night at his house and it was also my mother’s birthday so we were on our way to go to her birthday party and I was like oh yes I can poop at this place and we get there and I for the life of me couldn’t poop because he was in the same building as me, so not only am I holding this in until I get to work the next day at 6am! It’s at the point where its just getting horribly painful! And speaking of this one of my co-workers and I we’re having this convo today as well about how she’s been with her boyfriend for crap years, and she still can’t poop in front of him! So now I don’t feel like awkward that I’m the only one that does that.

Question #3….Well there honestly really isn’t a question number 3 really those we’re the two major ones that I really wanted to talk about honestly. I want to hear from you my lovely readers on how long it took you to do any of those! Heck with my last relationship I didn’t do those things in front of him at all, but the person before I did it right away. I guess it’s just who your more comfy with, and who’s going to take it as a joke or who’s going to take it serious you know. It’s honestly hard to read people sometimes when you barely know them or they’re wearing a mask and hiding behind it. It’s like damnit I want honest and fuck it fart in front of me I don’t care I’d probably laugh more than anything! You wanna take that shit! GO RIGHT A HEAD! Let it drop! Just make sure you light a candle or spray, I don’t want to smell that nasty stuff. But readers I want to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook page by clicking here

Until Next Time

Megan S.


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