Sorry it’s been so long since i’ve last written readers. But a lot has gone on in my life to even keep up with everything from a job to my relationships to my friends as well. But this post is going to be mostly about my relationships past present and future.

This topic is going to be the main topic of all, and i’m going to tell you now this is going to be making a lot of jump arounds so bare with me to please.

But here it goes. I know women probably do this but I see it with all the men i’ve always been interest in. Why? Why do you like to lead the woman on so much to the point she is falling for you hard core to just kicking her to the curb like yesterdays trash? Someone please explain that to me. So here’s the little background story. Remember that guy I was always talking about? We’ll after my birthday back in February he was starting to act weird and then just one day he just up and stopped talking to me all together. Again he made me fall head over heels for him to the point I thought we were a thing to getting slapped in the face hardcore and leaving with a broken heart.

Shit i’m only 27 years old, and I’ve gone through way too many heartbreaks I can even handle. I mean yes I know it sucks that i wear my heart on my sleeve a lot and my heart gets broken a lot easier, but when i’m talking to you i see potential in you. I don’t want you to be around for a short time I see you in my future for like ever. I’ve tried everything from online dating to blind dates and even trying to date a co worker and it’s always slapped me in the face. I mean i’m 27 years old and i’m at the point in my life we’re i’m legit ready to throw in the towel and say peace out men of the world you all suck and can go fuck yourself.

It’s like I bend over backwards to try to impress you wether it’s putting on a new outfit or even attempting to do my make up just to impress you to make you want me but in the end it’s like karma or whoever is in charge of my love life is like nope not today Megan.   ” You don’t deserve your happiness today.” It’s like I try my hardest to do anything and it never works out that way. They always walk away and i’m left in the dark with a shattered heart. My heart can take so many heartbreaks before its broken for good, and at my age i’m at that limit where i’m about ready to tell y’all to go fuck off. It’s like sorry i’m not pretty enough for you or have that skinny body or nice butt, or even a cute face. But it should matter what’s on the inside the most rather than the outside because in the end we all get old and we all get wrinkles.

Like i feel like i shouldn’t even be born in this era. Now a days everyone is all about hooking up and just getting laid and having fun. Not me I’m looking for that real deal. I know it may not be a happily ever after or you may not be my prince charming but in the end I the type of girl that will always be by your side through thick and thin. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t believe in divorce of any of that shit. We fight you go walk your happy ass around the block and cool off and then we’ll talk. I mean come on whats the whole point of hooking up just to see how many dicks or whatever you may want. Whats the whole point? Someone please explain that to me please!

I may not be the prettiest girl in the world but i’m the type of girl that will be by your side through night and day holding your hand. I’m the girl that has the biggest heart and wears it on her sleeve and puts people she cares about the most before anything. Shes the girl that will do almost anything she can to make someone smile or laugh. I mean crap I’m a real catch in my option, but in society’s eyes I feel like a loser sometimes…. But I guess we shall wait and see what the future is going to throw at me next?

Megan S.


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