Drifting Away

This one is targeted towards one person in general. He’s been there for me since he was born. We’re 6 years apart and we’re blood related. Yes he’s my brother. I know I shouldn’t be writing about my brother but this is how I can spill out my feelings. Yes you can judge me or whatever you want but I just want to pour my feelings out.

When we were growing up through out our childhood and early and middle teen years we’re were super close we had our moments where we wanted to rip each others throats out. But in the end we still would make up at the end of the day and laugh about it in the end. We would fight over stupid shit or that whole don’t tell mom type thing but once of us would rat on each other. When we could we used to do everything together from going out to eat, to having a movie night, to hanging out with friends and going bowling, But as we grew up we started to drift away. I noticed it the most when you went away to college. Yes I’m proud of you baby brother but I miss the baby brother who would hang out with his sister on a Friday night and do whatever even if it was teaching me how to play your stupid call of duty games.

We grow up and I guess we just drift apart I have a full time job, You are down at school and having a special lady in your life. I feel like at this point in my time and life you don’t want anything to do with your sister the most. You call mom and dad every once and a while but you never seem to reach out to me. Whenever your home from school you always have plans or other things going on and always push me back to the back burner. Honestly it really hurts me a lot little brother. You think it doesn’t really brother me but there are times where i cry because i feel like you don’t want to have a sibling anymore. We used to be so close what happened down the road? Yes I have to admit I was a bitch to you sometimes and now that I’m older and see what kind of shit I put you through in the past. I’m sorry for that truly sorry for that. I just want us to go back to the way we used to be with being super close siblings. Everyone always asks us when we were younger. Why are you guys so close. My responds because he’s my baby brother and family sticks together. No matter what family sticks together. But little brother I feel like our stickyness is falling apart and out of the way. What happened to use? Soon you are going to realize once I move away or whatever the case maybe you won’t have your big sister around anymore? Would you even care in the end? I’m sorry for being the over protective sister but isn’t that what big siblings do? Protect their younger siblings? Little brother just remember I’m always here for you even if I’m a million miles away. If you are ever in trouble I’m there for you even if I’m a million miles away! I will always be there for you little brother. Just please stop pushing me aside to the back burner all the time. You think it doesn’t hurt me but in the end it KILLS me deep down inside!!

Megan S.


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