Dear little Brother:

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it anymore, the time, the money, the hours I spent. Seems like I’m the last option that you need, or whenever you want something that’s when you talk to me.  Sometimes i wonder if your just another face in the crowd of people i pass on a daily. Ever since you went away and come back on breaks you’ve changed. We used to be so close but now i’m always your last option. Family should come first no matter what but it feels like we’re not even family anymore just two people that live under the same roof. What happened to us we used to be so close even though we had our differences back then we would fight and not even 24 hours later we made up and are laughing at how stupid this fight was. Why do you like hurting me and saying hurtful things to me to make my depression so outraged to the point i don’t want to do anything anymore. Why? Why put me through the pain? Sometimes i wish i could just run away from this and never look back but ur blood, and you can never turn your back on blood. But you did it seems like. What did i ever do to you to deserve the tears and pain you put me through? Do you even want an older sister anymore? or should i just disappear? because that’s the way your making me feel. Like i’m just another ghost in the air. Do you want me to run away and never look back and pretend that you don’t exist? because that’s how i feel in your life right now. We used to laugh talk and joke around do nothing anymore not even a hello here or there. What have we become little brother? Strangers? Do you even understand how much it hurts me to lose my best friend? Yes you are or were my best friend little brother until you pushed me into the dark. Family is forever friends come and go and i seem like i’m just your friend and not family. Dear little brother do you like seeing me in all this pain you put me through? Do i have to act happy when deep down i feel an empty space in me. Dear little brother should i just walk away and pretend that you never even existed?


Megan S.


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