IT was a real treat…..

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Well just this past weekend my best friend and I went to see the famous movie that everyone has been talking about since it’s hit TV commercials… IT and honestly I’m going to lay out everything that I liked and disliked about the movie… I’m going to tell you now if you haven’t seen the movie yet I would advise you to stop reading this now and close out of the window, or you will be reading at your own risk. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen the movie yet. That wouldn’t be nice, but if you have read this far you have been warned.
Fun fact: the original IT came out in 1990 and the remake came out in 2017… If you remember from the movie IT comes out of hiding every 27 years…..
Well for starters….. When I was about four or five my cousin and I we’re watching this movie and that is what made me to even this day terrified of clowns. Just something about them freak me out no matter what. Like why you always got to be smiling and shit. ( WARNING will be some mild language) Just the clown in actually both movies from the 1990’s and the 2017 were both creepy as shit! Just the way the actor did everything was perfect the way he played out his role! If I can attempt to find the link to this video I found on Facebook about the original IT and the new one I’m going to post it at the bottom where it’s a side by side version of both movies, and it’s like identical!

see side by side CLICK HERE
I’m honestly so grateful that they kept everything as close as possible! Which is a good thing if you are going to remake I think most everyone from the 90’s favorite horror movie. I mean when I was younger it was a scary ass movie but I still enjoyed it. I honestly think I have the original VHS somewhere in my house. Yes I did say VHS I need to invest in it on DVD.
Another thing that I did enjoy about the movie is that each and every character was perfect in fitting in each and every role and shit, they almost all looked like the original character from the 90’s. LOL for some odd reason my favorite person was Ben. I think that was his name I’m totally drawing a blank right now, but i bet you anything once i finish posting this blog it will come rushing back to me. But just the way all the people acted in their roles and when they picked out each person for the movie they did everything so perfect! The one person that I hated in the whole entire movie was Henry! Like I seriously wanted to like punch him if i could every time he popped up on-screen, but again they did a perfect job finding someone to play that role. I just wonder how much time and practice each and every one of them have to do in order to get into that character. Now don’t get me started on Bill Skarsgard who played Pennywise!Image result for Pennywise He made me even more terrified of clowns after I seen this movie! He did a FANTASTIC job at playing Pennywise. Just the way he looked with all this make up and the way he acted was amazing!
So before I get to caught up in all the characters the one down fall that I HATED with a passion (SPOILER ALERT) was the ending! The ending was just terrible in my opinion! I hated how it just ended when Pennywise was falling down the well and like falling into pieces and blowing away, then the kids do a blood pact and go on their merry ways and it ending with the Chapter 1. They could have honestly done a little better with the ending, because now I’m going to be wondering for however long it takes to see what happens in Chapter 2. That’s if there even is a chapter 2. You never know with movies now a days they could run out of money and just shut it down completely. Just like what happened with the Divergent series. They the last movie but in two parts and there is NO PART TWO! But anyways going back to IT. But there’s so many unanswered questions in a way that I want to know what happened. Like did Billy and Beverly end up together?
What about Ben and Beverly?
who the heck is Mike and what’s his story?
What about Pennywise?
Is he going to come back in 27 years?
Will each person have their own family that Pennywise is going to come after?
What happened to Beverly’s father?
What’s behind Beverly’s father? Like what are his motives?
Oh and here’s a question that I wondered two during the end scene was it true loves Kiss to make Beverly come out of the spell?
I mean shit this list can go on for days I think.
But readers I want to hear from you in the comments below If you have seen the movie Did you like it? What were your thoughts on it? Or you can always comment on my Facebook page as well. I like to get involved in what my readers are thinking about the same topics as well.
Image result for PennywiseDid you like or dislike the movie?
Me there were some moments where I was like they could have done better or what not but from what everyone was making it seem like being super scary and all that it really wasnt that scary at all. It had a great story line besides the unanswered questions and the characters did a fantastic job!
If I could rate movies I would give it a 4 out of 5

But until next time

Megan S.


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