IT was a real treat…..

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Well just this past weekend my best friend and I went to see the famous movie that everyone has been talking about since it’s hit TV commercials… IT and honestly I’m going to lay out everything that I liked and disliked about the movie… I’m going to tell you now if you haven’t seen the movie yet I would advise you to stop reading this now and close out of the window, or you will be reading at your own risk. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen the movie yet. That wouldn’t be nice, but if you have read this far you have been warned.
Fun fact: the original IT came out in 1990 and the remake came out in 2017… If you remember from the movie IT comes out of hiding every 27 years…..
Well for starters….. When I was about four or five my cousin and I we’re watching this movie and that is what made me to even this day terrified of clowns. Just something about them freak me out no matter what. Like why you always got to be smiling and shit. ( WARNING will be some mild language) Just the clown in actually both movies from the 1990’s and the 2017 were both creepy as shit! Just the way the actor did everything was perfect the way he played out his role! If I can attempt to find the link to this video I found on Facebook about the original IT and the new one I’m going to post it at the bottom where it’s a side by side version of both movies, and it’s like identical!

see side by side CLICK HERE
I’m honestly so grateful that they kept everything as close as possible! Which is a good thing if you are going to remake I think most everyone from the 90’s favorite horror movie. I mean when I was younger it was a scary ass movie but I still enjoyed it. I honestly think I have the original VHS somewhere in my house. Yes I did say VHS I need to invest in it on DVD.
Another thing that I did enjoy about the movie is that each and every character was perfect in fitting in each and every role and shit, they almost all looked like the original character from the 90’s. LOL for some odd reason my favorite person was Ben. I think that was his name I’m totally drawing a blank right now, but i bet you anything once i finish posting this blog it will come rushing back to me. But just the way all the people acted in their roles and when they picked out each person for the movie they did everything so perfect! The one person that I hated in the whole entire movie was Henry! Like I seriously wanted to like punch him if i could every time he popped up on-screen, but again they did a perfect job finding someone to play that role. I just wonder how much time and practice each and every one of them have to do in order to get into that character. Now don’t get me started on Bill Skarsgard who played Pennywise!Image result for Pennywise He made me even more terrified of clowns after I seen this movie! He did a FANTASTIC job at playing Pennywise. Just the way he looked with all this make up and the way he acted was amazing!
So before I get to caught up in all the characters the one down fall that I HATED with a passion (SPOILER ALERT) was the ending! The ending was just terrible in my opinion! I hated how it just ended when Pennywise was falling down the well and like falling into pieces and blowing away, then the kids do a blood pact and go on their merry ways and it ending with the Chapter 1. They could have honestly done a little better with the ending, because now I’m going to be wondering for however long it takes to see what happens in Chapter 2. That’s if there even is a chapter 2. You never know with movies now a days they could run out of money and just shut it down completely. Just like what happened with the Divergent series. They the last movie but in two parts and there is NO PART TWO! But anyways going back to IT. But there’s so many unanswered questions in a way that I want to know what happened. Like did Billy and Beverly end up together?
What about Ben and Beverly?
who the heck is Mike and what’s his story?
What about Pennywise?
Is he going to come back in 27 years?
Will each person have their own family that Pennywise is going to come after?
What happened to Beverly’s father?
What’s behind Beverly’s father? Like what are his motives?
Oh and here’s a question that I wondered two during the end scene was it true loves Kiss to make Beverly come out of the spell?
I mean shit this list can go on for days I think.
But readers I want to hear from you in the comments below If you have seen the movie Did you like it? What were your thoughts on it? Or you can always comment on my Facebook page as well. I like to get involved in what my readers are thinking about the same topics as well.
Image result for PennywiseDid you like or dislike the movie?
Me there were some moments where I was like they could have done better or what not but from what everyone was making it seem like being super scary and all that it really wasnt that scary at all. It had a great story line besides the unanswered questions and the characters did a fantastic job!
If I could rate movies I would give it a 4 out of 5

But until next time

Megan S.


My Own Advice

So why is it whenever someone asks you for advice you give some bomb ass good advice but in return you NEVER listen to your own advice. Like when it comes to relationships and love and all that type of shit I give the best advice sometimes but in the end down the road I never listen to my own. No wonder why I’m single. It’s like sometimes we don’t like to hear the truth but in the end you have to in order to make that right decision. I mean sometimes people come to me with there relationship issues, and it’s like uhm well I’m currently single so why are you asking me and not your friend that has the special someone. And the responds I get sometimes is  well Megan you give great advice and your understanding and don’t sugar coat it. Which is true if you I don’t like your boyfriend/ girlfriend or I feel like something is off about them hell yeah i’m going to say something and you can either take it or leave it. It’s your call. Why sugar coat your answers when you know the truth? Because you want your friend to be happy about it? No because in the end if you sugar coat it and down that road something would happen, and they would blame you for it somehow saying we talked about this and yet you said stay. But there are some rules about giving advice or the rules that I give myself when helping someone out

Rule Number 1: Never and I mean NEVER get way too involved when giving your opinion.

Rule Number 2: DO NOT sugar coat your answers, They are coming to you for help and need your honest opinion. Don’t say one thing if you are thinking another thing. 

Rule Number 3: If you don’t think you have a answer for them just be flat out and honest and don’t lie to them to make them feel better.

When giving that special advice always be truthful and honest. 

Now I just need to take my own advice in the relationship department and see where it gets me. 

Until next time


Megan S. 

Dear little Brother:

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it anymore, the time, the money, the hours I spent. Seems like I’m the last option that you need, or whenever you want something that’s when you talk to me.  Sometimes i wonder if your just another face in the crowd of people i pass on a daily. Ever since you went away and come back on breaks you’ve changed. We used to be so close but now i’m always your last option. Family should come first no matter what but it feels like we’re not even family anymore just two people that live under the same roof. What happened to us we used to be so close even though we had our differences back then we would fight and not even 24 hours later we made up and are laughing at how stupid this fight was. Why do you like hurting me and saying hurtful things to me to make my depression so outraged to the point i don’t want to do anything anymore. Why? Why put me through the pain? Sometimes i wish i could just run away from this and never look back but ur blood, and you can never turn your back on blood. But you did it seems like. What did i ever do to you to deserve the tears and pain you put me through? Do you even want an older sister anymore? or should i just disappear? because that’s the way your making me feel. Like i’m just another ghost in the air. Do you want me to run away and never look back and pretend that you don’t exist? because that’s how i feel in your life right now. We used to laugh talk and joke around do nothing anymore not even a hello here or there. What have we become little brother? Strangers? Do you even understand how much it hurts me to lose my best friend? Yes you are or were my best friend little brother until you pushed me into the dark. Family is forever friends come and go and i seem like i’m just your friend and not family. Dear little brother do you like seeing me in all this pain you put me through? Do i have to act happy when deep down i feel an empty space in me. Dear little brother should i just walk away and pretend that you never even existed?


Megan S.


  1. feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
    “self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression”
    a long and severe recession in an economy or market.
    “the depression in the housing market”

What’s my meaning of depression if you are wondering? Well my meaning is nothing like what the dictionary said.

Megan’s Meaning of Depression:

The meaning of feeling alone and useless in the world. The meaning where no one has your back when you need them the most. Also the meaning of not being wanted anymore. The feeling of being lost in the world or not even existing at all…

That’s my meaning of the word depression, and before you go all Megan what are you doing? Why are you writing all this. NO I’m NOT trying to do the whole 13 reasons why thing. It’s just I have to write down my feelings somehow, and you can choose to keep reading or closing out and going to a different blog.

What started this feeling of being alone and useless in the world? Well it goes as far back as my high school years you can say. Always being bullied by the popular kids, getting picked on, sat on, pretty much just a person living in the shadows. You think that popular person saying hi to you in the halls just to make your day but in the back of your head you are thinking are they truly being nice or are they just saying it to hold up their popularity status? Your trying your hardest to get through the worst four years of your life getting picked on, made fun of because of your looks wether your chubby or not or you have pimples or the list can go on, to being one of the smartest people in the school. People will always pick on you no matter what, and yes I went through that the whole four years of my life, and as I graduated high school I thought it would get better, but it doesn’t

Which brings us a few years later when I try to get into the dating world. Yes my track record for dating isn’t the greatest because all the guys i’ve ever met are complete tool bags. Let’s just say they all suck! Meeting up and leading me on to the point I think i’m actually going to get a relationship with this guy, but in the end they just tear me down to the point where I feel worthless. The excuse I get? I’m not ready for a relationship, It’s not you it’s me, Or my all time favorite that wins the cake. “You are too ugly or fat for my liking.” I’m just tired of always being a let down in everyones eyes. Which brings me to my final section of this blog

Being a big let down in my friends and families eyes. Even though you all don’t say I’m the let down but some of you I’m not going to mention names always try to compare me to my brother or vice versa. Yes he went to an away school after high school, but when I wanted to go to an out of state school you flat out told me no. You told me I had to go to community college or stay in the state. Why does he get the special treatment? Look I’m sorry for being a big negative Nancy in your life, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being a let down in your eyes and not going places. Lastly friend wise whether it’s at work or out of work friends. I just feel like I’m a disappointment to you as well, and always have the fear of always being talked to behind my back and not wanting to be around me anymore. Am I really that bad of a friend? or Daughter/Sister?

Honestly is it even worth being around people anymore knowing in the back of your mind your playing all these scenarios of which is worse? Where do I go from here? Do I keep playing this game and acting like I’m ok? Or do I go and get help for it?


Megan S.

Drifting Away

This one is targeted towards one person in general. He’s been there for me since he was born. We’re 6 years apart and we’re blood related. Yes he’s my brother. I know I shouldn’t be writing about my brother but this is how I can spill out my feelings. Yes you can judge me or whatever you want but I just want to pour my feelings out.

When we were growing up through out our childhood and early and middle teen years we’re were super close we had our moments where we wanted to rip each others throats out. But in the end we still would make up at the end of the day and laugh about it in the end. We would fight over stupid shit or that whole don’t tell mom type thing but once of us would rat on each other. When we could we used to do everything together from going out to eat, to having a movie night, to hanging out with friends and going bowling, But as we grew up we started to drift away. I noticed it the most when you went away to college. Yes I’m proud of you baby brother but I miss the baby brother who would hang out with his sister on a Friday night and do whatever even if it was teaching me how to play your stupid call of duty games.

We grow up and I guess we just drift apart I have a full time job, You are down at school and having a special lady in your life. I feel like at this point in my time and life you don’t want anything to do with your sister the most. You call mom and dad every once and a while but you never seem to reach out to me. Whenever your home from school you always have plans or other things going on and always push me back to the back burner. Honestly it really hurts me a lot little brother. You think it doesn’t really brother me but there are times where i cry because i feel like you don’t want to have a sibling anymore. We used to be so close what happened down the road? Yes I have to admit I was a bitch to you sometimes and now that I’m older and see what kind of shit I put you through in the past. I’m sorry for that truly sorry for that. I just want us to go back to the way we used to be with being super close siblings. Everyone always asks us when we were younger. Why are you guys so close. My responds because he’s my baby brother and family sticks together. No matter what family sticks together. But little brother I feel like our stickyness is falling apart and out of the way. What happened to use? Soon you are going to realize once I move away or whatever the case maybe you won’t have your big sister around anymore? Would you even care in the end? I’m sorry for being the over protective sister but isn’t that what big siblings do? Protect their younger siblings? Little brother just remember I’m always here for you even if I’m a million miles away. If you are ever in trouble I’m there for you even if I’m a million miles away! I will always be there for you little brother. Just please stop pushing me aside to the back burner all the time. You think it doesn’t hurt me but in the end it KILLS me deep down inside!!

Megan S.


Sorry it’s been so long since i’ve last written readers. But a lot has gone on in my life to even keep up with everything from a job to my relationships to my friends as well. But this post is going to be mostly about my relationships past present and future.

This topic is going to be the main topic of all, and i’m going to tell you now this is going to be making a lot of jump arounds so bare with me to please.

But here it goes. I know women probably do this but I see it with all the men i’ve always been interest in. Why? Why do you like to lead the woman on so much to the point she is falling for you hard core to just kicking her to the curb like yesterdays trash? Someone please explain that to me. So here’s the little background story. Remember that guy I was always talking about? We’ll after my birthday back in February he was starting to act weird and then just one day he just up and stopped talking to me all together. Again he made me fall head over heels for him to the point I thought we were a thing to getting slapped in the face hardcore and leaving with a broken heart.

Shit i’m only 27 years old, and I’ve gone through way too many heartbreaks I can even handle. I mean yes I know it sucks that i wear my heart on my sleeve a lot and my heart gets broken a lot easier, but when i’m talking to you i see potential in you. I don’t want you to be around for a short time I see you in my future for like ever. I’ve tried everything from online dating to blind dates and even trying to date a co worker and it’s always slapped me in the face. I mean i’m 27 years old and i’m at the point in my life we’re i’m legit ready to throw in the towel and say peace out men of the world you all suck and can go fuck yourself.

It’s like I bend over backwards to try to impress you wether it’s putting on a new outfit or even attempting to do my make up just to impress you to make you want me but in the end it’s like karma or whoever is in charge of my love life is like nope not today Megan.   ” You don’t deserve your happiness today.” It’s like I try my hardest to do anything and it never works out that way. They always walk away and i’m left in the dark with a shattered heart. My heart can take so many heartbreaks before its broken for good, and at my age i’m at that limit where i’m about ready to tell y’all to go fuck off. It’s like sorry i’m not pretty enough for you or have that skinny body or nice butt, or even a cute face. But it should matter what’s on the inside the most rather than the outside because in the end we all get old and we all get wrinkles.

Like i feel like i shouldn’t even be born in this era. Now a days everyone is all about hooking up and just getting laid and having fun. Not me I’m looking for that real deal. I know it may not be a happily ever after or you may not be my prince charming but in the end I the type of girl that will always be by your side through thick and thin. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t believe in divorce of any of that shit. We fight you go walk your happy ass around the block and cool off and then we’ll talk. I mean come on whats the whole point of hooking up just to see how many dicks or whatever you may want. Whats the whole point? Someone please explain that to me please!

I may not be the prettiest girl in the world but i’m the type of girl that will be by your side through night and day holding your hand. I’m the girl that has the biggest heart and wears it on her sleeve and puts people she cares about the most before anything. Shes the girl that will do almost anything she can to make someone smile or laugh. I mean crap I’m a real catch in my option, but in society’s eyes I feel like a loser sometimes…. But I guess we shall wait and see what the future is going to throw at me next?

Megan S.

How long??

Alright ladies, and well gentlemen to you can read along to this I just have some questions to ask you and my thoughts on my own questions, as well. As you seen in my previous blog I’ve been seeing someone, have been for almost 3 months now but it’s like we’re dating but without the title you know so eh that part doesn’t matter. I mean I will give you some of the questions I want to ask you readers and I want to hear your thoughts on them, also I’ll give you my thoughts on them as well.

So Question…. #1: How long before you farted in front of you other half? Well for me…… If you know me very well I fart all the time there’s no lie there you can ask my best friends about that, BUT when it comes to that other half that I’m just starting off “dating” or whatever the case maybe. SHIT I’m going to hold that sucker in!! Or I’ll like leave the room or if we’re at the store walk row or two away just so you won’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know it’s like why is it when your with that person for the first few months you for the life of you CAN’T fart?! It’s like the WORST feeling in the world! Shoot I mean I can go on and on about this for hours I feel like so we will just move along….

Question #2…. How long before you took a poop anywhere near the other half? Again going into 3 months and I have still yet pooped in the same house as the guy! The few times I’ve spent the night or even gone over to his house for movie night nope I REFUSE to poop! I mean the first time I spent the night with him it was New Year’s Eve the condo had 2 bathrooms but for the life of me I couldn’t take a shit, and speaking of poop last night I was again spending the night at his house and it was also my mother’s birthday so we were on our way to go to her birthday party and I was like oh yes I can poop at this place and we get there and I for the life of me couldn’t poop because he was in the same building as me, so not only am I holding this in until I get to work the next day at 6am! It’s at the point where its just getting horribly painful! And speaking of this one of my co-workers and I we’re having this convo today as well about how she’s been with her boyfriend for crap years, and she still can’t poop in front of him! So now I don’t feel like awkward that I’m the only one that does that.

Question #3….Well there honestly really isn’t a question number 3 really those we’re the two major ones that I really wanted to talk about honestly. I want to hear from you my lovely readers on how long it took you to do any of those! Heck with my last relationship I didn’t do those things in front of him at all, but the person before I did it right away. I guess it’s just who your more comfy with, and who’s going to take it as a joke or who’s going to take it serious you know. It’s honestly hard to read people sometimes when you barely know them or they’re wearing a mask and hiding behind it. It’s like damnit I want honest and fuck it fart in front of me I don’t care I’d probably laugh more than anything! You wanna take that shit! GO RIGHT A HEAD! Let it drop! Just make sure you light a candle or spray, I don’t want to smell that nasty stuff. But readers I want to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook page by clicking here

Until Next Time

Megan S.