What is the world coming to?

It’s been all over the news lately with all these police shootings and the political parties, and what not. It’s all the bad stuff that you’ve been hearing about on the news lately I mean come on where is the story about the little puppy that could walk for the first time, or the surprise visit that a little girl gets from her daddy when he comes home from over seas. I swear all you hear now a days via the newspaper, social media, or the TV it’s always the bad. I mean crap what is the world coming to now with killing of the cops, to the night club shooting in florida a while ago, to the “drama” with the political parties.

To start off with this little rant is the whole police shootings. what in the right mind would make someone shoot a police officer. and all you hear on the news now is “black lives matter” what does that have to really do with someone shooting someone. I’m not trying to sound racist or anything but it’s like are you kidding me it’s like the world is turning all this into one racist issue. What about the police? What about the men and woman who are threatening their lives to protect you? Why can’t people get along in the world? I mean it’s all guns and violence now. It’s like… is it really even worth it? Is it even worth it to take someone’s life? haha Do I look good in prison orange? (seen that as a facebook meme)

And what’s going on with this political parties crap. I know i’m really not into politics but come on what’s with all the bashing against both parties? The whole thing w Mrs. Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech… really… Honestly this years race reminds me of freaking high school drama. Maybe the United States should just skip the race and stay single for a while. HAHA again seen that one on facebook, and in my opinion I would honestly vote for trump. The whole thing with Hilary’s secret e-mail account has me worried. It’s like what else is she hiding from us?

If you really think about it when your browsing through social media, or the news it’s nothing ever really good. Lately i’ve seen on Facebook is Pokemon go! Yes i’m not going to lie I do play it, but i’m not addicted to it. I mean crap I’ve seen on Facebook that people are getting killed over the game, because there not paying attention to their surroundings. Even before you open the APP you see that it says while it’s loading ” Be aware of your surroundings” There was one thing I also stumbled upon on Facebook is a young child was playing the game and was trying to catch a Pokemon and stumbled upon a dead body. First of all how FUCKED (sorry for my language) is that?! That poor kid is probably scarred for life!! But in the reality it’s just another brain washing game. If you think about it this game came out at the perfect time. What is the government hiding?

If you really look at it, when something good happens like a new app or whatever the case maybe something within the government or the world is going wrong. It’s like what is this app trying to cover up? What do you think its hiding? what is your opinion on the government race? What’s your reaction to all the police shootings around the world? I want to hear from you people. Talk to me let me know how you feel about all of this in the comments below or on my facebook (click here)  page.


Until next time everyone


Megan S.

I want to hear from you……

With all this talk and everything about the GBLT community whether it’s on the news or your social media feeds. What seriously possesses people to harm one another over their sexual orientation? I mean come on people we’re in the 21st Century?! Let people be them! I mean really does it bother you that much that so and so likes a man/female? I have a few people of the GBLT community and it’s heartbreaking knowing that someone can just threaten them like that. Whether it’s the name calling or the harassing messages on social media, or the worst that we’ve been hearing about death. Is it worth it that you being the person that has a hate towards them feel better that your taking someone’s live because they are just living life? Does it make you feel like a better person that you harmed that person? Society has changed people you have to learn to live with it. I mean shit does that make you feel like a better person knowing that the person you hurt is either

1.harming themselves


2. your taking the life of someone.

but enough of me venting i want to hear from my readers below on what your thoughts are on the whole shooting thing?


until next time


Megan S.

The weather’s getting nicer

So as you all may know in the midwest the weather is getting nicer, and people on the roads are getting more and more crazier I’ve noticed living in the midwest(Illinois). What really scares me the most about it though is motorcycle accidents. That’s what scares me the most about driving in this nice weather. Yeah I know why be scared you may ask? Because if you just so happen get into an accident and it involves a motorcycle not only did you hurt yourself but you but the person on the bike in serious condition. I know you are asking why are you so worried about it Megan? Why you may ask is because my step dad and mother are Harley Riders and it honestly scares the shit out of me when they go on their bike rides on nice days because you don’t know about that one car who’s doing god know what and then something happens. Yes I’m being a big baby about this you may say but when it comes to my family I’m very protective over them no matter if it’s my mother, father, brother, or step father. I’ve got a big golden heart and I worry about everyone out on the road. When you read the papers now that the weather is getting nicer up here you see at least one story about a motorcycle accident that can lead to death and you wonder (well at least I do) about what’s going to happen to that person? Are they ok? How is their family and friends taking the situation?

What really bothers me the most about this is you see people posting on any type of social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, twitter, or tumblr about Why should I watch out for biker’s when they think they own the road? That’s what really bugs me the most because they follow the SAME rules of the road as you. And one post about bikes being “toys” because you can’t afford a car. Well fine sir it’s just as same as a car but they only have two wheels. It also kills me people posting videos of people trying to run these bikers off the road. Don’t they care about that person’s family? I can’t see why people make a big deal about bikers. They are just like you and I normal people during the week that work a 9-5 office job, and on the weekends they like to enjoy the sun beating down on their skin revving their engines.

You see in the papers and on the local news about all these accidents in the summer involving at least one or two motorcycles a month, and you wonder what caused that accident? Who’s fault was it really, because people would assume that it’s the bikers fault, and you know what the saying is when you assume and your wrong your making an ass out of yourself. But hear me out people when your on the road no matter what state your in please keep your eyes out for bikers. Your not only risking your life, your risking that person’s life to if your just “joking” around. And when your just “joking” around you have a higher chance of injuring the person on the bike, paralyze, or even killing that person.

So hear me out people


You not only risking your life your risking someones mother, father, son, daughter, brother, and sisters life.


until next time


Megan S.

why compare people

All right had to do a little rant right now, that i’m really not going to be happy about later in the run but might as well just speak my mind.

Today my mother and I were talking about my trip to Chicago yesterday with my friends, and she asked

Mom: “was your boyfriend there?”

me: yes he was and he was in a lot of pain because of his back, he’s in the process of doing workman comp and all that stuff

mom: “oh so he’s another D**, you need to get out now”

UHM HOW ABOUT NOT MOTHER! He’s nowhere near D** if you really knew D** and got to know about him you would have understood the true meaning behind him.

Its like I love my mother but she doesn’t need to ruin my relationship with her comments, if she really knew and got to know my boyfriend she would understand that he’s completely different from D**.

K**-actually goes out and does stuff with me, very funny and friendly, gets to know people, doesn’t do drugs or any of that stuff

D**-Didn’t do anything with me, we always sat at home, he was a druggie and an alcoholic, he was abusive, and threatened my life but I was scared to leave him in the end but honestly I’m glad we did go our separate ways because i’m A LOT happier in the long run. Yes I was typical girl and had that bad heartbreak because he made me feel like i was in love with him but in the long run after the tears and heartbreak i really sat down and thought about it and should have seen the signs of being in an abusive relationship. But I was young and stupid and ignored the signs.

No girl in their right mind should EVER be in an abusive relationship, but it’s in our nature sometimes to ignore the signs because we think we are in love with that person, when in reality he didn’t love you in the long run. He could only of “loved” you because of how good you were in bed to how pretty you made him look. NO woman should ever be in that situation. I knew it was time when one night he did put his hands on me because he had a party at his house and I was ready to go to bed, and he put me in a choke hold. Have I ever told anyone about this? Yes I did, I told my best friend months after it happened. Why you ask? Because I was scared to tell anyone in the first place. It was just a stupid move on my part for not leaving him when he did, my excuse was “he was drunk that night.” I was just scared thinking that no one will ever love me again like he did that’s why I never left when I did and that was a stupid move on my part because I was stuck with an abusive man for months on end and he wouldn’t let me go out and do anything he was running my life. Only if my mother truly knew D** she would of understood why.

It’s like this is why sometimes I can’t open up to her about anything because she will always judge me, and I HATE IT! I wish I could have those mother daughter moments but I can’t. I know you all are probably thinking that i’m a selfish person and cold hearted or something, but if you really knew you would understand. Hell when I had my break ups in the past she was never really there for me she would say oh just move on there’s better people for you somewhere but she never really sat down with me and had a talk. She was really never there for me in the past. I would love to have that mother daughter relationship but it’s just hard sometimes trying to get that with her. Honestly it DOES bother me a bit that I never had that when I was younger or have it now but it is what it is.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t brought my boyfriend around is because you will judge him without getting to know him, or say something mean or anything. K** is a nice guy and actually goes out of his way to make me happy, unlike the past where I had to go to their houses, but K** actually comes out to me and takes me to the movies or takes me to dinner, brings me lunch at work. He’s honestly a GREAT guy and I wish you would get to know him, but when the time is right maybe I will bring him around when you won’t judge him without getting to know him.


But here’s for all of you readers out there, Why do we always compare people when we don’t know them? We shouldn’t be comparing people for no reason, for not knowing the person, or whatever the case maybe. So why do it in the first place?  I mean what’s the purpose of judging someone without getting to know that person? There’s so many questions you can ask yourself about comparing a person without knowing them but just think about it really “why do you do it in the first place?” Shouldn’t people not judge people for the way they look, how they act, who there friends are, who there dating, etc. So why judge in the first place? Think about it everyone why do you judge a person?


until next time

Megan S.


So sorry I haven’t written in a while readers but here’s one that I think all of you or at least most of you can relate to!! Being “catfished”



lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.
“he was being catfished by a cruel prankster”
I think we can all relate to this in any way I can guess, I know I have been cat fished countless times in the past before I found the person I’m currently dating. I mean if you really think about it everyone is into the whole “online” dating type now that technology has improved over the years. You hear all these horror stories online or on the news about someone meeting someone off the internet and then they “disappear” and honestly it SCARES the shit out of me because you never know about that person who you’re meeting just for coffee. They could be lying through the computer screen about what they are saying. Like that really hot dude that you met off of Plenty of Fish, and he claims he’s a body builder you set up a time and date to meet and he’s NOTHING like his profile or picture. I know that saying is to learn from your mistakes but come on people WHY LIE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE ANWAYS online. It’s totally not nice!
But what made me want to write about Catfish is because I was watching the show on MTV called “Catfish” and honestly if you are familiar with the show and know the steps with Nev and Max you can honestly learn from them. I’ll list some steps that I’ve learned about watching that show from day one.
1. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH PERSON’S PICTURE (if there is NO results when you google image a person’s picture well they maybe a fake person)
2. ALWAYS SEE IF THEY HAVE MORE THAN ONE PICTURES . (if they have one picture that should be a red flag that they’re fake)
3. VIDEO CHAT! ( this should be one of the main things you ask a person, because if they don’t want to video chat or come up with some excuses, what are they really hiding)
4. THEY ALWAYS TEXT AND NEVER CALL ( Hell you could be talking to someone you know or someone pretending to be so and so.)
And the list can go on but I’ve learned when I did online dating that I would always do some of these steps to see if they are who they say you are. Because you never know who you’re talking to heck you could be talking to an ex bf/gf, crush, a school bully or the list can go on for days. You just have to be careful about who you can and cannot trust now online because of the whole pretending to be someone you’re not.
And also this can also tie into buying something off the internet whether it’s a Facebook group, or even Craig’s list. That iPhone 6s selling for $100 there is something totally wrong with that. Doesn’t it just sound fishy? Or “WANTED FEMALE ROOMMATE” – water and electric included rent $400 a month, looking for a female to just have girl time with and become best friends-  HELLO DOESN’T THAT SOUND ODD TO YOU? You can NEVER trust anything you read online whether it’s that online dating profile OR an ad for Craig’s list!
The idea on why i’m writing this post is to inform everyone to BE CAREFUL when you’re doing anything related to the internet. It’s always good to do your research when going on a date, the best thing to do is to tell whoever it maybe close to you the first and last name of the person you’re going on a date with, where you’re meeting, what time, and if that person doesn’t hear from you in so long or they don’t show up to work the next day then you start panicking.  In other words if you are going on that date from the really hot surfer you met off meetme.com do your research be a Nev and Max and always use other social media to see if they have a Facebook, instragram, or even twitter, because they could be saying one thing on this online dating site and having a different life on another social media site.
But until next time everyone
Megan S.

Netflix Binge

Well as you can see from the title of this blog you guys lost me for a while to a massive Netflix binge! Yes I’m one of the many people that have gone on massive Netflix binges for days or even weeks. I mean shoot you got all these tv shows and movies at the tip of your finger how can you resist! I finished Fuller House the day it came out! I mean thats a #nolife right there isn’t it? Also I just finished up the season of Z Nation which I’m totally addicted to and just finished the series Being Human and by god I can tell you the main character Adian is a total HOTTIE! That’s one of the main reasons I watched that show! If I honestly got Hulu you guys would NEVER hear from me again! LOL. Anyways going on to my Netflix I have no idea about you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the horror type TV series and movies. I just started the 100 since all my co workers are really telling me to watch it, but I can’t seem to get into it like I did with Being Human and Fuller House. But heck if my co workers say it’s good might as well give it a shot… right?

I don’t know if many of you have seen Fuller house yet, but If you haven’t seen it yet I ADVISE you stop reading now because I don’t want to spoil anything for you! But I’ve got so many questions that I want answered!

  1. where was Mary-Kate and Ashley?
  2. Are they going to go into detail about Stephanie NOT having kids?
  3. Who will DJ choose? (Steve or Mark)
  4. What about Kimmie is she going to keep her marriage or go through with the divorce?

Oh and the list can go ON AND ON for hours but I don’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it yet!

So readers… heres a question for you…


Leave them down below in the comments or on my Facebook page (:


Until next time everyone


Megan S.

All the excuses in my life

Here’s a good one that most of you guys can I hope relate to..At least I hope you guys can.

For as long as I remembered I’ve always been everyone’s last resort to hang out or everyone’s last choice. I was never anyone’s first choice in life. Whether it was with some of my friends, or even my family half the time. I’m always everyone’s last resort compared to their friends that live closer in their town, or to boyfriends/girlfriends, oh and my favorite to your siblings.

So let’s start off with the friends part in this blog. No matter what you as a friend, Best friend, sisters from another mom or whatever the case maybe you will NEVER compare to their boyfriends. Honestly it SUCKS it always seems when one of your friends is dating she/he always pushes you off the face of the earth. And yes this has happened to me with a friend and honestly it sucks. Oh and another thing that you honestly get tired of hearing of because you ask to hang out is the excuses that they give you. The excuses like oh I have work, or oh I don’t have time or better yet, I work too much to do anything, here’s a favorite of mine your too far away to drive to hang out with. Then you find out either on Facebook, SnapChat or any other social media that he/she is hanging with someone else. I would make the effort to see you but why bother sometimes it’s pointless honestly. Your probably thinking right now why is she complaining about this. Well… It’s been happening a lot recently and I’ve HAD it with the lame excuses. If you don’t want to hang out just be flat out with me and not give me some bull shit excuse and me finding out on social media. I’m trying to put the effort into hanging out with you on YOUR terms but in other words i’m last freaking resort compared to the friends that live out by you and it’s NOT fair. What’s the whole point in having this friendship if half the time you NEVER want to see me??

Alright so I’m done venting about the friends in my life. (yes they probably by now know who they are)

So let’s begin with the family. Don’t get me wrong I love my family to pieces but some of the things they say can be hurtful also. Here’s a good one, Why can’t you be more like your brother? How could I be more like him if you never let me go to an away school? Never let me do anything while I was in high school? I’m tired of hearing the you should be like so and so, or here’s a good one how’s the job hunt going along with a degree that will get you no where? I’m trying my best to make in through in the world and yet I always get let down by them. Sometimes it hurts.

So what I’m getting at is that sometimes people have a lot of negative things in their lives and sometimes it has to deal with friends and family. You can’t just drop your friends and family like that can you? At least I can’t. It’s just I wish I was something in their eyes. One of my best friend won’t ever hang out with me and its bogus, she would rather sit at home and be and “adult” as she would say than have dinner with me, or she has a puppy to take care of. I’m sorry I’m that one friend out of our group of 4 that doesn’t live super close to you but come on at least i’m attempting to hang out. Even when I was in school full time had an internship and work I still had some free time to hang out with. She always gives me the excuse I work full time and I’m in school full time. I’m just tired of the excuses sometimes. And then the family, here’s one LAY OFF MY BACK I’m doing the best I can to get through this world without you guys nagging at me about jobs and shit like that! I’m trying my best!


Alright so I think I’m done ranting. If you’ve made it this far by reading Thanks for hearing my vent about my problems, and i appreciate it


Until Next Time


Megan S.