How long??

Alright ladies, and well gentlemen to you can read along to this I just have some questions to ask you and my thoughts on my own questions, as well. As you seen in my previous blog I’ve been seeing someone, have been for almost 3 months now but it’s like we’re dating but without the title you know so eh that part doesn’t matter. I mean I will give you some of the questions I want to ask you readers and I want to hear your thoughts on them, also I’ll give you my thoughts on them as well.

So Question…. #1: How long before you farted in front of you other half? Well for me…… If you know me very well I fart all the time there’s no lie there you can ask my best friends about that, BUT when it comes to that other half that I’m just starting off “dating” or whatever the case maybe. SHIT I’m going to hold that sucker in!! Or I’ll like leave the room or if we’re at the store walk row or two away just so you won’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know it’s like why is it when your with that person for the first few months you for the life of you CAN’T fart?! It’s like the WORST feeling in the world! Shoot I mean I can go on and on about this for hours I feel like so we will just move along….

Question #2…. How long before you took a poop anywhere near the other half? Again going into 3 months and I have still yet pooped in the same house as the guy! The few times I’ve spent the night or even gone over to his house for movie night nope I REFUSE to poop! I mean the first time I spent the night with him it was New Year’s Eve the condo had 2 bathrooms but for the life of me I couldn’t take a shit, and speaking of poop last night I was again spending the night at his house and it was also my mother’s birthday so we were on our way to go to her birthday party and I was like oh yes I can poop at this place and we get there and I for the life of me couldn’t poop because he was in the same building as me, so not only am I holding this in until I get to work the next day at 6am! It’s at the point where its just getting horribly painful! And speaking of this one of my co-workers and I we’re having this convo today as well about how she’s been with her boyfriend for crap years, and she still can’t poop in front of him! So now I don’t feel like awkward that I’m the only one that does that.

Question #3….Well there honestly really isn’t a question number 3 really those we’re the two major ones that I really wanted to talk about honestly. I want to hear from you my lovely readers on how long it took you to do any of those! Heck with my last relationship I didn’t do those things in front of him at all, but the person before I did it right away. I guess it’s just who your more comfy with, and who’s going to take it as a joke or who’s going to take it serious you know. It’s honestly hard to read people sometimes when you barely know them or they’re wearing a mask and hiding behind it. It’s like damnit I want honest and fuck it fart in front of me I don’t care I’d probably laugh more than anything! You wanna take that shit! GO RIGHT A HEAD! Let it drop! Just make sure you light a candle or spray, I don’t want to smell that nasty stuff. But readers I want to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook page by clicking here

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Megan S.


Why does being shy suck so much?

Yep I’m just going to be flat out and honest I am the most shy person ever if you don’t know me all that well. Yeah you would think wow Megan shy? that’s impossible, but nope its totally possible. It’s like when you meet someone for the first time it’s going through your head are you talking to much? too little? is there something wrong? what’s he/she thinking? And here is the classic. OMG?! Do I stink?!

Alright but moving on why does being shy suck so much?! It’s like here’s my theory and yes I will be talking about my life right now ( yeah i know readers you guys are probably like shut the heck up about your life we don’t want to hear it) but it’s the easiest way to connect with you guys honestly and how you guys can possibly relate to me in any way shape or form. So here it goes readers This guy that I mentioned in the past posts we’re gonna call him C again. We’ve been I guess you can say “seeing” each other for almost two months now and yet NO ONE has made a move to be like hey lets make us official. It’s like oh come on now! Your killing me smallz! Like here is where my shy part kicks in. It’s like I’m way to shy to be like HELLO!? Here I am can you just like make me official now?! It’s like I keep throwing out little hints and stuff around and yet he just doesn’t see it I feel like. Again my Co-Workers and Friends are all like be the bigger person and hold your ground and it’s like I want to be the bigger person, but I also want to know what we are. Again it’s like we act like a couple and all that stuff but with out the title. Does he just assume that we’re together?


But this is where I need your help readers. What should I do? I’m taking all the advice I can use?! I want to hear from you guys in the comments below or on my facebook page by clicking here.


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Megan S.

Cosmo moves

Alright ladies this one is mainly towards you! So I was in line at Walmart with this guy i’m seeing and while we waited for our turn to get checked out I picked up the latest issue of Cosmo, and the cover caught my attention it went along the lines of “new moves to spice of your sex life” So me being the person I am and curious I flip to that section in the magazine and i’m thinking to myself just looking at their little cartoon pictures… HOW IN THE WORLD does someone get their leg up that high? or something like is that going to cause me a foot cramp or leg cramp and god forbid cant forget the famous Charlie horses. Alright and to for warn you guys YES i will be sharing pictures from the Cosmo website!


So here is pict3-standingoure number one that I found on the Cosmo Website, and its like 1. I’m not a skinny girl like her in the picture this woman that is writing to you all right now has some meat on these bones. 2. how the hell does this girl get her leg up so high? Shit if that we’re me I’d be all like LEG CRAMP! STOP STOP STOP! Instead of YES YES YES GO GO GO! I mean like I said don’t get me wrong i’m all for new positions to spice up my love life and it’s like in the end when i’m reading Cosmo its like… well is this really worth the pain?


So according to Cosmo this one to the right is called bumper cars? 5-bumpercarsAgain in my mind…WHY?! How does this turn you on? And again this one is made for a skinny person, again I’ve got some meat on me bones! I don’t think even if the guy i’m with and I tried hard enough we could pull this off. First of all it looks complicated and second I would probably just bust out laughing the whole time. It’s another one of those silly positions that gets you wondering how or why did someone come up with this in the fist place. Honestly this picture right here is making me laugh a bit at how funny this position looks like. 


Ok so there is really nothing wrong with this position but as I was scrolling through all the Cosmo stuff about sex on their website. One thing never to have in bed with you is a freaking ANIMAL! That is just2-tightend-1481728559 freaking awkward. I’m only putting a show on for you not for your animals or anything either. My option if we’re having sex animals are outside the bedroom! I’ve heard stories about people getting their groove on and next thing they know the dog or cat ruins it by jumping on the bed and all that. It’s like uhm no thank you not into that at all. But going back to this picture minus the dog/cat whatever that black thing is. There really is nothing wrong with this position at all. You just have to find the right fit and its perfect and makes both your times pleasureable. 

Alright and the last one I will do before I get to into this and scare you off readers. This one why just why? The poor girl looks like a freaking sandwich and no offense guys5-upsidedowncake-1479261393 I don’t want your ass or your balls in my face while your getting it in. That’s just yucky! I mean granted it does look like it does the job right but just the idea of having your guys ass in your face is kinda freaking me out. I mean crap what if he just lets one rip during sex and tries to hide it. Well sweetheart in this position you can’t hide that hell i’d probably end up tasting that shit! I mean granted the girl can have her revenge on that as well but my goodness just looking at this is making my body cramp up like no other. I can see it now STOP!? (insert guys name) I HAVE A CHARLIE HORSE ON MY CALF!  Also it does look like it works out the abs but my god! It just looks so freaking painful! Like i’m really like all I don’t even know the right word to use right now about this position. 

But anyways moving on if you want to spice up your sex life Click here to be directed to the Cosmo page and find all these crazy sex positions. 

But readers I also want to hear from you about your Charlie embarrassing moments in the bedroom, to the positions you use as well. I want to interact with you guys! Leave me comments below or check out my Facebook page and leave your feedback here as well. 

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Megan S. 





It’s been too long….

Holy CRAP it’s been way too long since I’ve even seen my blog! I’m so SORRY readers you probably thought I went missing or something! Wow no not true just have been super busy with reality! So instead of going on and on about my personal life lets just get right to the point. Today’s topic… (drum roll please)

How you know you found the right one!

Ok so true life scenario going on right about now well in my life at least. I’ll sum it up the best I can without boring you guys! Don’t want to bore any of you guys since it’s been way too long since I’ve written. 

Made a POF account ( yeah i know online dating)  Not like face to face met anyone but talked to some pretty sick people who only wanted one thing and one thing only and HELLO thats not me! Its like (DO NOT message me about sending nudies or anything of that NOT happening.) anyways going back to my short story right now. Messaged this really cute guy and didn’t think that he would message me back but low and behold he did. Talked for a few days and then he was like we should meet up for dinner, so I was like sure why not. The day dinner happened I was SO NERVOUS I wanted to cancel but my brother and my friend were like you better not cancel. So I went to dinner with him and after that we’re still in the process of writing history. 

so now fast forwarding to a month and a half now and this guy and I are still I guess you can say “dating” but not the official title of Boyfriend/Girlfriend yet. So this readers is where I NEED YOUR HELP. Do I be the bigger person and go to him and be Yo what are we?

Because all of my Co-Workers and Friends are all telling me to be the bigger person and wait and let him ask you out and make him work for it. It’s like HELLO he has been working for it for the past month. It’s like we act like a couple without the title I guess you can say. We hold hands, We kiss, We cuddle and all that stuff and we’re not together but we act like it. I’ve met his family, and even get invited to all these social events that him and his family throw. So readers this is where I need your input on all of this. Should I just go to him and be like Hey your like mine and I don’t want to share you with anyone else. 

But here let me give you a list of all the things I really like about this guy!

  1. We text constantly
  2. I’ve met his mom and dad first 
  3. His mom and dad ask about me and said to him that they like me
  4. I get along with his complicated brothers
  5. We see each other as much as possible
  6. He tells me he likes me
  7. He met my friends on New Years Eve and they approve
  8. I’ve spent the night at his house
  9. We kiss constantly when we’re together
  10. We act like a couple
  11. Hes sweet and caring
  12. He’s easy going
  13. He knows how to make a girl smile
  14. He knows what im thinking most days( kinda scary i know) 

And the list can go on and on about him

And the list can honestly go on and on for days it feels like it. The last time I ever felt like this because of someone was a few years ago when I was dating this kid named well we’re not going to give a name but we will just call him D and the guy that I’m currently seeing now we’ll just call him C but the guy in between D and C never gave me butterflies like those two guys did/do! I mean shoot C knows how to make me smile when I’m like super upset just like this past Sunday! Its just the way that person hugs you and tries to make you smiles just makes you feel pretty good about yourself.

Anyways going back to the topic that I was going to talk about. How do you know you found the right one? You honestly DON’T know until it hits you in the face. Heck it can be like a connection at first sight to months down the road it just depends on different people and it also depends on how you connect with that person. I mean crap when I met C for the first time our first date he came to my town and we went to dinner and it was honestly NERVE wrecking! I was getting so nervous i was making myself sick, and now that i’m writing this blog right now i’m thinking what if i did cancel on him? where would i be today as of right now? I mean I can honestly say that i am truly happy that i did meet him. He knows how to make me smile laugh and make me feel wanted and liked. Just the way he looks at me I know deep down he truly does like me. 

Ok again going back to the topic how do you know you found the right one? It honestly is all in the heart. Your heart knows what you want and you should ALWAYS listen to it. Even though sometimes it can be wrong but in the end it truly knows what it wants. It’s just like that one song from back in the day called Listen to your heart! Good song by the way but again you should always listen to your heart. If its a fight between your head and your heart. DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO YOUR HEAD! I’ve done that in the past and it was the BIGGEST mistake of my life! I’m glad I’m where I am in life right now and with the people i care about the most in it! 

But enough about me, I want to hear from you my readers about your experience on online dating, real life first dates, and the works and tips and tricks! I want to interact with all of you my lovely readers on everything! Comment below about your experiences or even visit my facebook page by clicking here and leaving me a comment!




What is the world coming to?

It’s been all over the news lately with all these police shootings and the political parties, and what not. It’s all the bad stuff that you’ve been hearing about on the news lately I mean come on where is the story about the little puppy that could walk for the first time, or the surprise visit that a little girl gets from her daddy when he comes home from over seas. I swear all you hear now a days via the newspaper, social media, or the TV it’s always the bad. I mean crap what is the world coming to now with killing of the cops, to the night club shooting in florida a while ago, to the “drama” with the political parties.

To start off with this little rant is the whole police shootings. what in the right mind would make someone shoot a police officer. and all you hear on the news now is “black lives matter” what does that have to really do with someone shooting someone. I’m not trying to sound racist or anything but it’s like are you kidding me it’s like the world is turning all this into one racist issue. What about the police? What about the men and woman who are threatening their lives to protect you? Why can’t people get along in the world? I mean it’s all guns and violence now. It’s like… is it really even worth it? Is it even worth it to take someone’s life? haha Do I look good in prison orange? (seen that as a facebook meme)

And what’s going on with this political parties crap. I know i’m really not into politics but come on what’s with all the bashing against both parties? The whole thing w Mrs. Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech… really… Honestly this years race reminds me of freaking high school drama. Maybe the United States should just skip the race and stay single for a while. HAHA again seen that one on facebook, and in my opinion I would honestly vote for trump. The whole thing with Hilary’s secret e-mail account has me worried. It’s like what else is she hiding from us?

If you really think about it when your browsing through social media, or the news it’s nothing ever really good. Lately i’ve seen on Facebook is Pokemon go! Yes i’m not going to lie I do play it, but i’m not addicted to it. I mean crap I’ve seen on Facebook that people are getting killed over the game, because there not paying attention to their surroundings. Even before you open the APP you see that it says while it’s loading ” Be aware of your surroundings” There was one thing I also stumbled upon on Facebook is a young child was playing the game and was trying to catch a Pokemon and stumbled upon a dead body. First of all how FUCKED (sorry for my language) is that?! That poor kid is probably scarred for life!! But in the reality it’s just another brain washing game. If you think about it this game came out at the perfect time. What is the government hiding?

If you really look at it, when something good happens like a new app or whatever the case maybe something within the government or the world is going wrong. It’s like what is this app trying to cover up? What do you think its hiding? what is your opinion on the government race? What’s your reaction to all the police shootings around the world? I want to hear from you people. Talk to me let me know how you feel about all of this in the comments below or on my facebook (click here)  page.


Until next time everyone


Megan S.

I want to hear from you……

With all this talk and everything about the GBLT community whether it’s on the news or your social media feeds. What seriously possesses people to harm one another over their sexual orientation? I mean come on people we’re in the 21st Century?! Let people be them! I mean really does it bother you that much that so and so likes a man/female? I have a few people of the GBLT community and it’s heartbreaking knowing that someone can just threaten them like that. Whether it’s the name calling or the harassing messages on social media, or the worst that we’ve been hearing about death. Is it worth it that you being the person that has a hate towards them feel better that your taking someone’s live because they are just living life? Does it make you feel like a better person that you harmed that person? Society has changed people you have to learn to live with it. I mean shit does that make you feel like a better person knowing that the person you hurt is either

1.harming themselves


2. your taking the life of someone.

but enough of me venting i want to hear from my readers below on what your thoughts are on the whole shooting thing?


until next time


Megan S.

The weather’s getting nicer

So as you all may know in the midwest the weather is getting nicer, and people on the roads are getting more and more crazier I’ve noticed living in the midwest(Illinois). What really scares me the most about it though is motorcycle accidents. That’s what scares me the most about driving in this nice weather. Yeah I know why be scared you may ask? Because if you just so happen get into an accident and it involves a motorcycle not only did you hurt yourself but you but the person on the bike in serious condition. I know you are asking why are you so worried about it Megan? Why you may ask is because my step dad and mother are Harley Riders and it honestly scares the shit out of me when they go on their bike rides on nice days because you don’t know about that one car who’s doing god know what and then something happens. Yes I’m being a big baby about this you may say but when it comes to my family I’m very protective over them no matter if it’s my mother, father, brother, or step father. I’ve got a big golden heart and I worry about everyone out on the road. When you read the papers now that the weather is getting nicer up here you see at least one story about a motorcycle accident that can lead to death and you wonder (well at least I do) about what’s going to happen to that person? Are they ok? How is their family and friends taking the situation?

What really bothers me the most about this is you see people posting on any type of social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, twitter, or tumblr about Why should I watch out for biker’s when they think they own the road? That’s what really bugs me the most because they follow the SAME rules of the road as you. And one post about bikes being “toys” because you can’t afford a car. Well fine sir it’s just as same as a car but they only have two wheels. It also kills me people posting videos of people trying to run these bikers off the road. Don’t they care about that person’s family? I can’t see why people make a big deal about bikers. They are just like you and I normal people during the week that work a 9-5 office job, and on the weekends they like to enjoy the sun beating down on their skin revving their engines.

You see in the papers and on the local news about all these accidents in the summer involving at least one or two motorcycles a month, and you wonder what caused that accident? Who’s fault was it really, because people would assume that it’s the bikers fault, and you know what the saying is when you assume and your wrong your making an ass out of yourself. But hear me out people when your on the road no matter what state your in please keep your eyes out for bikers. Your not only risking your life, your risking that person’s life to if your just “joking” around. And when your just “joking” around you have a higher chance of injuring the person on the bike, paralyze, or even killing that person.

So hear me out people


You not only risking your life your risking someones mother, father, son, daughter, brother, and sisters life.


until next time


Megan S.